Outsourcing is Key to Utility Success

Wed 05 Jun 2013
Utilities worldwide are constantly on the look-out for ways in which to improve business operations and customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, a lack of funds and appropriate skills usually stand in the way of these goals. Outsourcing is often the best solution.

Africa Needs the Smart Grid

Wed 05 Jun 2013
Smart grid development in Africa is plagued with major challenges but experts believe that a smart grid must be established in order to solve many of the continent’s long-standing problems.

Google Sees Green

Wed 29 May 2013
Google is investing heavily in renewable energy. Is the company doing this from an environmentally responsible perspective or is it the attraction of a lucrative business opportunity?

Smart Grid Calls for Smart Planning

Wed 29 May 2013
Smart grids are being adopted by utilities across the globe for their multiple benefits. However, experts warn that utilities should first develop a clear vision and a sound technology strategy before deploying, as hasty decisions can lead to an unnecessary waste of funds.

Small Nuclear Reactors - A Solution for South Africa?

Wed 22 May 2013
A growing interest in small and modular reactors has formed due to their lower initial cost and potential scalability. This could be South Africa’s solution to an unhealthy dependence on coal-produced power.

Energy Storage Solved?

Wed 08 May 2013
A new discovery may put an end to a number of energy problems ranging from lengthy charge times for electric cars to an inefficient power distribution grid.