Electricity storage is a strategic investment in the power network

Thu 14 Nov 2013
The challenges of the power network arise from meeting the concurrent objectives of low cost, low environmental impact and system security. We have a range of technical and commercial solutions available to use, and as technologies emerge and evolve we can consider more options to achieve these objectives.

Digital Oil Field Concept Can Benefit Consumer & Utility

Wed 06 Nov 2013
Raj Samani-EMEA CTO McAfee Inc/ Chief Innovation Officer for the Cloud Security Alliance/ Special Advisor for the European Cyber Crime Centre, shares his views on the digital oilfield concept and how the electric industry and utilities can benefit from its implementation.

Utilities Still Have a Place in e-Street

Thu 31 Oct 2013
RWE’s transformation from a traditional power provider into a renewable energy service provider could be the tipping point that the energy industry has been waiting for.

Ami Regulation In A Contestable Metering Market

Sun 20 Oct 2013
Competitive electricity trading is a complex industry, with high market turnover but low profit margins. Consequently, the risk profile, including regulatory risk, can be considered high.