The Energy Web Foundation has gained support for the development of an open source blockchain platform for the energy sector.
Tesla and GreenMountain Power are introducing a programme to deliver and aggregate energy storage.
The European SmartFlex Solar facades project trials a photovoltaic 'second skin' on a building in Eastern Europe.
The new Google Cloud Platform makes it easier for utilities to upload large amounts of data from connected devices.
The WannaCry cyberattack highlights how hackers are becoming bolder putting energy companies at risk.
The European Commission has approved France’s three new renewable energy initiatives.
The Wärtsilä-Greensmith Energy Management Systems acquisition adds to a growing list of energy storage buyouts.
A trio of companies is trialling blockchain solutions to support the integration of renewable energies in Germany and the Netherlands.
Engerati reviews what’s new in IoT for grid flexibility, asset management and predictive analytics.
UK energy sector needs clarity on future policy to protect competitiveness, says committee report.
Itron’s buyout of Comverge could bring a new level of utility demand response to the grid.
Enel Energia, Nissan Italy and the Italian Institute of Technology have teamed up on a corporate electric car sharing pilot with V2G charging.
In this thought piece, Capgemini shares use cases for IoT platforms as well as deployment tips.
Smart meters are key to unlocking demand side flexibility to manage peak demand.
South Africa's the Sun Exchange has launched a blockchain crowdfunding platform to cut electricity prices for commercial and industrial customers.
While UK’s renewables projects stagnate, an energy storage market boom is predicted.
National Grid has joined a major European initiative which aims to implement a platform for the exchange of balancing energy.
The Internet of Things is changing how energy and other manufacturers should approach their business.
Engerati reviews two island microgrids and one campus project that aim to provide energy security and reliability.
New low power wide area communications promise long battery life, lower cost and better reliability for gas, water and heat utility applications.
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