An international coalition has been convened to develop an Internet of Things-enabled smart city framework.
UL has launched a meter test facility for the Asia Pacific region in Singapore.
Solar and wind powered trains are gaining traction in Europe as a way to decarbonise railway lines and reduce pressure on the grid
As utility digitalisation brings complexity for distribution system operators, Schneider Electric unveils a new solution
Startups Power Ledger and LO3 Energy are developing transactive energy blockchain opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.
Analytics is key to the reduction of losses and revenue assurance for utilities.
Will the Tesla solar roof be a game changer for solar energy, asks Adam Hammill, president and CEO of ALIVE Industries?
Ofgem is working towards creating more transparency in the energy market for consumers.
Telcos are proving relevancy in a highly competitive energy market and utilities should pay attention.
Six utility ‘Keys of Excellence’ identify Frontrunner distribution system operators (DSOs).
Smarter use of data, research into technology, harnessing opportunities and customer centricity is what will create a sustainable utility business.
Engerati looks at how the building sector can meet the European Commission’s updated energy efficiency directives
Local mini-grid in Cornwall will be able to generate, store and sell its own power.
How is digital engagement bridging the gap between what customers want from energy providers and what they are receiving?
Global reach of Scotland’s renewables expertise revealed by new research.
Google has committed to meeting 100% of its corporate energy demand with clean energy by next year.
Aperio System’s new security solution offers a unique approach to the cyber protection of power and other industrial control systems.
The resilient microgrid has become a key concept as it promises more support for the smart grid of tomorrow.
An online product marketplace offers new opportunities for utilities to engage with their customers.
Renewables based microgrids are a cost competitive option for energy supply islands and other remote locations.
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