San Diego Gas & Electric is installing GenCell’s fuel cells for clean back-up power at substations.
Austria’s largest utility company, Wien Energie, has launched a pilot to test blockchain for gas trading.
Tomorrow’s utility needs an innovative and interactive customer information system that offers real-time data.
There is a competitive advantage in cloud-based SaaS solutions that can give utilities of tommorrow the sustainability they need.
Quantoz Technology and Energy21 are developing a blockchain based local system operator for community energy markets.
Time based rates enabled by investments in advanced metering infrastructure are shown to elicit peak demand energy reduction by residential customers.
Enel is moving its data centre operations into the Amazon cloud to generate new business opportunities.
InterFlex aims to deploy smart grid technologies at industrial scale in five countries.
What role is data playing in European distribution system operators’ fight to stay relevant? We ask Atos Worldgrid for its view.
A cyber security solution must secure the complete utility infrastructure from desktop to communication network, says expert Rohde & Schwarz.
Cloud-based energy disaggregation software is hitting the gamification spot with consumers.
As the European energy efficiency sector gains traction, why are financiers holding back?
New white paper highlights how energy companies can streamline grid assets investment.
Microgrid business models are moving along a continuum, from third-party projects to utility-initiated projects.
Energy suppliers are seeking the golden bullet to spark consumer interest in demand response programmes but at what cost?
Smart EV apps are being developed to increase the sustainability of the charging process.
Itron has launched the first grid edge app store for its OpenWay Riva platform.
Affordable energy and commercialising energy innovation are focus of post-Brexit energy industrial strategy.
European energy stakeholders present research and innovation priorities for the future electricity system.
Microgrids should be viewed as complementary and a building block to the centralised grid.
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