Week in Smart Metering - Spotlight on Smart Water

Are you considering a smart water meter implementation, asks Claire Volkwyn, Editor, Metering & Smart Energy International?
Published: Wed 06 Apr 2016

There has been some coverage this week around the implementation of smart water metering projects in Massachusetts and feedback that Danish meter manufacturer, Kamstrup, has increased market share and seen growth in its smart water metering division. This included a deal in Iran, which came just weeks after the lifting of sanctions against that country.

As water resources globally become more constrained, it will be interesting to see how many more smart meter implementations are undertaken in water departments around the world as a way of managing an increasingly fragile resource. Is your utility in the process of considering a smart water meter rollout? We’ve love to hear from you.

One of the most read stories of the week on Metering.com was one that relates to the traditional utility distribution model, and a commentary that this is no longer a viable business model to follow. According to an Accenture survey, 45% of utility execs worldwide and 64% in Europe, say that the traditional electricity distribution model is no longer fit-for-purpose.  Your comments on this particular perspective would be interesting to hear.

Keeping it short for this week as I’m preparing to travel to the Hague to the SAP International Utilities conference next week, and am looking forward to seeing our some of our readers at the event. Please be sure to come and say hello if you are at the event.

More from Metering & Smart Energy International

Con Ed selects OMNETRIC for rollout of MDM technology

US power and gas companies Con Edison and Orange & Rockland Utilities partnered with smart grid solutions provider OMNETRIC group for an MDM rollout. Commenting on the development, Wade Malcolm, CEO of OMNETRIC Group in the Americas said Consolidated Edison was in need of a robust " … smart grid platform to support their innovative advanced metering project, as well as an implementation partner.”The smart grid solutions provider will help the utilities to integrate meter data management solution Siemens EnergyIP onto networks comprising of 3.9m electric and 1.3m gas consumers.

Kamstrup boosts market share with smart water meters

Global smart metering solutions provider Kamstrup announced the release of its financial year end report for February 2016. The company's 2015-2016 year turnover reached EUR204m (US$231.7m) with a pre-tax profit of EUR27m (US$30.6m). At its financial year end in February last year, the Danish metering solutions provider recorded an annual turnover of EUR186m (US$211.4m). Kamstrup said the growth in turnover was a result of its increased investments in product developments and selection of its smart metering solutions by global utilities.

China’s State Grid plans to build global renewable energy network

The State Grid Corporation of China has proposed building a US$50 trillion global renewable energy network to tackle air pollution and address climate change. The electricity network would use advanced renewable energy, namely solar and wind technology and is planned to be operational by 2050, says NBC News. The company running China’s power grid endeavors to create a “global village”, where transmission lines tap into and distribute electricity from solar farms around the equator and wind stations in the Arctic.

IoT helps utilities deliver advisory and managed services

The Internet of Things can be leveraged by utilities to develop ongoing, meaningful relationships with customers through devices, software and services, says Navigant. An executive summary of a new report by Navigant Research, titled "Utility Technology Disruption Report", explains that the Internet of Things can help utilities transition into new ongoing advisory and managed services relationships. Navigant’s principal research analyst Casey Talon said: “This new approach to customer engagement will direct behavior modification, load control, and conservation in concert to maximize reliability and resiliency of the grid."

Bangalore Electricity and partners collaborate on smart grid pilot

Global technology company, Mindteck has partnered with the Bangalore Electricity and Supply Company (BESCOM) and the Indian Institute of Technology on a smart grid pilot. In a press statement, the technology company said the collaboration will focus on research and development into the interoperability between smart energy and energy storage technologies in the Indian district of Bangalore. The programme is funded by India's Department of Science and Technology.