Week in Smart Metering - Promise of utility software solutions

News has been circulating about utility software and solutions, writes Amy Ryan, deputy editor of Metering & Smart Energy International.
Published: Wed 11 May 2016

This past week there has been quite a bit of news circulating around utility software and solutions promising improved monitoring and management of grid operations and demand response management among other services. One particular story covered by Metering & Smart Energy International is Oracle’s acquisition of Opower, which provides mission-critical cloud services to utilities.

Opower claims to store and analyse more than 600 billion meter reads from 60 million utility customers, including the likes of PG&E, Exelon, SMUD and National Grid. Based on these numbers, the deal is said to make Oracle “the largest provider of cloud services to utilities”.

In another recent deal, Norwegian utility consortium Smarthub, selected IT advisory services and integration solutions provider, GreenBird to improve its meter data management system.

Highlighted through these partnerships is the importance placed on energy data as a valuable asset and significant market opportunity. These developments emphasise the key role that data plays in the digital energy transformation.

At the 16th annual African Utility Week conference and exhibition, taking place next week in Cape Town, Johannesburg's electricity utility City Power and state power utility Eskom will be talking on the topic of interpreting and making sense of big data in the African context.

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According to a new study by Parks Associates, US consumers would like a feature that will enable their car to communicate with Internet-connected devices in their home. IoT Daily states that consumers want a way to link connections in their homes with connections in their cars. [IoT: US consumers want their homes and cars to communicate]. The study notes that there is a demand by more than a quarter (27%) of US consumers to use a feature that allows them to unlock their front doors from the car for example.

A new report states that the global smart grid data management market will grow at a CAGR 13.85% up to 2020 due to increased adoption of smart grid technologies. [Climate change policies boosts smart grid data management market]. In its latest report analysing the market, global energy market intelligence firm , ReportsnReports, says the increase in the adoption of smart grid technologies will be a result of utilities' efforts to meet the rising demand of power driven by population growth and increased industrial activities. On the other hand, government regulations and climate change policies will accelerate the growth of the market with increased calls for the adoption of smart grid technologies, renewable energy sources and EVs to reduce carbon emissions.

The City of Eudora in Kansas in the US has kickstarted the rollout of an Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project to modernise its water and electricity networks. Under the US$2.51m AMI project, the city is installing smart water and electric meters for accurate and remote meter readings in a bid to curb non-revenues losses. [Kansas City begins smart meter deployment]. The smart meters will allow the city's utilities' departments to employ water and energy efficiency programmes for networks' reliability. In addition to the AMI, the city is also replacing its existing street and municipal building's lights with LED lights as well as upgrade heating and air conditioning systems.

US independent power utility Avista Utilities selected smart energy technology company Itron to upgrade its electric and gas network in Washington. In a combined statement, the utility serving 375,000 electric and 335,000 gas consumers said it will deploy Itron’s IoT technology, OpenWay Riva, to improve its grid management through real time monitoring. [Avista Utilities selects Itron for grid modernisation]. Avista believes the solution will help it reduce its power and gas losses, enhance customer service and engagement as well as provide a foundation for integration and operation of multiple smart city applications.