Week in smart metering - Looking towards European Utility Week

Smart city Barcelona is host to European Utility Week 2016, writes Claire Volkwyn, editor, Metering & Smart Energy International.
Published: Wed 31 Aug 2016

As our colleagues in Europe start returning from their vacations, there is a flurry of activity around the upcoming European Utility Week.  Speakers being confirmed, programmes updated and exhibition space selling out at an usually fast pace.

Spain is a good place to be hosting the upcoming European Utility Week; and Barcelona is an ideal location as it offers history, beauty, art and technology.

Juniper Research last year named Barcelona the ‘smartest city in the world,’ noting that the city "performed consistently well across all metrics and serves as an exciting model of success from which others can learn, bolstered by strong environmentally sustainable initiatives.”

The assessment was done across multiple platforms such as smart grids, smart traffic management, smart street lighting and technological capability and social cohesion. 

Endesa, a local utility has invested several million euros in smart grid implementation and reached a milestone of seven million smart meter installed in February this year. They plan on spending in excess of 600 million euros by 2017 on smart grid rollouts.

Metering & Smart Energy International, along with our sister portal, Engerati  will be at European Utility Week and certainly hope to see you there - after all, what could be better than attending Europe’s premier utility event in a smart city with some of the best tapas in the world?

More from Metering & Smart Energy International

One of Spain’s largest electricity utilities, Iberdrola, has announced that it has installed over 8 million smart meters. In a release, the utility said that by the end of August, it will boast more than eight million smart meters in Spain, all installed within the framework of project STAR (Remote Grid Management and Automation System) which the company is implementing in the 10 autonomous regions where it has power distribution networks. [Spain’s Iberdrola installs 8 million smart meters]. The STAR initiative is due to end in 2018 and represents an overall investment of over 2 billion euros.

Italian utility Enel will begin laying fiber to homes across Venice at the beginning of September. Enel Open Fiber, an Enel subsidiary, builds and operates ultra-broadband optical fiber infrastructure network. [Enel to lay fiber to homes in Venice]. It signed its first agreement in August to lay fiber to homes, but maintains that it won’t become a telecom. Enel only wants to be responsible for building and maintaining the network.

UK based energy market research firm Technavio forecasts the global smart solar market to grow by 15% between 2016 and 2020. The growth of the smart solar market is driven by increased installation of solar power systems and smart energy devices and technologies to ensure grid reliabilities and at the same time lower carbon emissions. [Smart energy technology driving smart solar market]. The smart energy devices and technologies sector will experience a rapid growth due to increasing investments in platforms smart grid solutions, smart meters and energy storage systems.

US power utility PG&E has submitted its proposal to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to increase EV charging stations in its service territory. The proposed plan aims to boost the adoption of EVs to lower carbon emissions whilst relieving pressure on the national grid. [PG&E proposes EV charging infrastructure buildout]. The utility is hoping that the programme will ensure that excess energy produced from renewable energy sources will be used and not become waste.

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