Week in smart metering - the data challenge

What will it take to make utilities hungry for grid-related analytics, asks Claire Volkwyn, editor, Metering & Smart Energy International?
Published: Wed 02 Nov 2016

According to Maikel van Verseveld, CEO of Omnetric, digital transformation is at the top of company agendas across the globe, with conservative estimates suggest that digital optimisation can boost profitability by 20-30%. 

Yet, the process and digitisation is not without challenges. Despite the reported benefit, the challenge for utilities is in the processessing of managing data and applying analytics – a function at the heart of the digital transformation.

The good news is that utilities are starting with an advantage, in that the data required to deliver transformative understanding already exists. Energy providers the world over possess a whole host of operational data, capable of revealing useful insights. The need is not to generate more, but for the leaders of these companies to value the management, analysis and interpretation of what is there already, for the benefit of operations and ultimately, customers.

This is one of the insights brought to you in our newly released Data and analytics special report. As more data flows into a utility, the challenges of managing and drawing useful information from that data are becoming more apparent.

Our experts share their insights and we’d love to hear yours! Have you experienced any specific data management or analysis challenges you would like to share?

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The global utility spending on customer engagement is forecasted to reach $774 million by 2022. Findings by Navigant Research state that global utilities will invest $636 million toward customer engagement technologies by the end of 2016. [Utility sector to invest $774m in customer engagement tech]. In a press statement, the research firm said utilities will increase their investments in upgrading their web portals with energy saving tools and customer centric data in a bid to improve customer engagement in programmes including energy efficiency and demand response.

The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA) partnered with engineering firm IDModeling to improve management of its water distribution network. [US utility implements new software to manage water distribution]. In a press statement, IDModelling said it is deploying its smart water solution, Sedaru Smart Ops, to assist RWA improve its water distribution services.

UK power and gas utility Scottish Power partnered with engineering solutions firm Actavo for rollout of smart meters in Scotland. Under the terms of the deal, Actavo will supply and install smart meters for some 780,000 customers in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Fife. [Scottish Power signs smart meter deal]. In a press statement, the Ireland-based engineering solutions firm said it will expand its workforce by adding in some new 230 engineers in a bid to speed up the deployment of the smart meters.

Nevada utility firm NV Energy partnered with smart infrastructure solutions provider Aclara Technologies to improve reliability of its grid networks. In a press statement, NV Energy said it is implementing a smart grid project to enhance management and automation of its electricity distribution network. [US utility selects Aclara to boost grid reliability]. The utility firm is using smart grid sensors and software developed by Aclara Technologies to remotely monitor its distribution power lines and substations in Nevada.

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