Week in Smart Metering - Curbing Water Losses

The smart water space looks set to become an interesting one as countries seek to find the best way to manage this unpredictable resource.
Published: Wed 17 Feb 2016

Water scarcity is a growing reality. There are more people in the world, consuming more water and if the weather system doesn't play ball, such as in an El Nino year, water utilities are faced with tough operating conditions.

This week we turn a spot light on India and its battle to protect the water resources it does have from technical and non-technical losses. AMI is popping up as a viable solution but interestingly so is pricing - if utilities don't charge the full value of water then they can't fund new infrastructure.

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Smart meters: Aclara wins US contract for 3.9m units

Global smart infrastructure tech provider Aclara secured a contract for provision of smart electric meters to two US power utilities. In a press statement, Aclara said it will provide the smart meters to Consolidated Edison, and Orange and Rockland (O&R).

Pennsylvania utilities prep for summer with ToU programmes

In the US, Pennsylvania utilities are preparing to implement time-of-use pricing (ToU) programmes to help customers reduce energy use during peak hours in the summer. Utilities in the north-eastern state are leveraging smart meters to assist consumers to reduce energy use during peak periods through ToU pricing, typically when air-conditioning pushes up electric bills.

Pakistan’s MicroTech executes 50k smart meter rollout

In Pakistan smart meter news, two major utilities have completed AMI rollouts using equipment supplied by MicroTech Industries. Lahore-based company MicroTech Industries (MTI) told Metering & Smart Energy International this week that it has completed a 50,000 smart meter deployment with Pakistani utilities MEPCO and PESCO.

Cyan finds new AMI market in Iran

Global smart metering solutions vendor Cyan  week announced it has entered into an agreement with Iranian telecoms contractor Micromodje to supply an AMI solution. In a statement, Cyan said it has sold Micromodje an AMI solution worth £67,000 (US$97,000).

Honeywell chosen by US utility for 1m smart meter rollout

US technology company Honeywell has been contracted by Memphis Light, Gas and Water to deploy one million electric, gas and water meters over a period of five years. Under the US$200 million contract, Honeywell's Elster EnergyAxis smart meter technology will be deployed throughout MLGW's (Memphis Light, Gas and Water) service territory.