Utility Connectivity – Think Telecoms

Ericsson is expanding its expertise to provide connectivity and services to utilities.
Published: Mon 24 Nov 2014

Smart meters and smart grid are all about connectivity and device management, and with 138 years of expertise in these areas, Ericsson has the base to provide such services to the utility industry, Orvar Hurtig, Head of Industry & Society at Ericsson, told Engerati at European Utility Week 2014.

Utility focus

Hurtig explains that Ericsson had decided that utilities would be one of a few areas of focus – the others being transport and public safety – and the company has been steadily building expertise with product and skills acquisitions. With greater connectivity of utilities with customers and their homes, many new services are possible and Ericsson’s role would be the connectivity and service enablement.

“We see it not so much as us moving into the utility industry but the utility industry moving into our home turf, with the need for connectivity and services,” says Hurtig.

As an example, he mentions the need with an electric vehicle for the driver to be able to charge and receive their bill wherever they are. “That is a service we can provide,” he says, assuring that Ericsson “is here to stay” when it comes to the utility sector.