US-Focus is on Critical Infrastructure Development

Christine Hertzog, Managing Director of Smart Grid Library, discusses US energy infrastructure with Jeanne Fox, Board of Directors, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
Published: Tue 26 Nov 2013

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The US is currently focused on finding solutions to cyber attacks, cyber tourism, and extreme weather events which all have a major impact on the country’s electric infrastructure. Cyber attacks on the electric structure are on the increase-both locally and globally and experts are being employed and briefed on a regular basis to find solutions to ensure a more robust system.

Super storms such as Hurricane Irene and Sandy have made the US realize that climate change is impacting heavily upon the electric infrastructure. Major research is being carried out to find solutions for the major impacts that these storms have on the grid. Many substations were submerged under water after the storms so solutions to resolve this are being thoroughly investigated.

Distributed energy is being looked at more seriously as it has the ability to provide a more reliable source of power when the grid is down. As distributed energy draws on renewable energy for power, more focus is being placed on renewables, as well as effective storage methods. More resources need to be ploughed into storage research and development so that the true value of renewable energy can be realized. Storage is the silver bullet which will escalate the development of renewables and lower the use of fossil fuels.