Understand the Goals First, Then Develop the Smart Grid Roadmap

The utility needs the support of the government, its staff and customers if it is to reach its smart grid goals.
Published: Mon 20 Jul 2015

In a live studio interview at Asian Utility Week, Anthony Lam, business development Government energy and transportation IP Routing Division, Alcatel Lucent, talks about how the firm is making use of a converged network infrastructure to provide network access for different utility applications such as smart metering, digital substations, and demand response.

Single management platform provides more control

Alcatel Lucent is working with utilities to transform application islands to a converged network infrastructure where different applications can be supported more effectively. He explains how a single management platform can make the management of various applications easier and safer when it comes to network security.  

Mr Lam says that the Asian region offers a great deal of opportunities in the utility space. He says that infrastructure automation presents a large opportunity given the size of the population and its growing needs. From a smart grid development and rollout viewpoint, a number of challenges are discussed including government regulation and mandates, development of the business case, local requirements, and finance.

Understanding smart grid goals

Mr Lam suggests that utilities and government should develop a clear understanding of what they hope to achieve through smart grids. He adds that it is important for countries to understand what their ultimate goals are and set achievable targets through a workable roadmap. He points to government, internal staff and customer support as being critical if utilities are to meet their goals. 

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