UK utility Engie helps its customers improve their energy efficiency

Engie will provide its customers signed with the utility’s three-year fixed tariff with PassivLiving’s heat service.
Published: Mon 17 Jul 2017

The energy provider’s customers will be receiving smart thermostats developed by PassivLiving. They will also be equipped with a smart heating control technology which can remotely control room and water heaters using mobile phones, PC or tablet.

The development forms part of ENGIE’s plans to help keep customers’ energy bills down. The utility, which entered the UK domestic energy market this year, aims to do this by improving their energy efficiency levels and providing an affordable energy tariff.

Protecting customers from high prices

The smart heating system works with networked sensors which eliminates the need for complicated timers. To ensure that customers’ properties are heated to suit their needs and using as little energy as possible, the system takes into account several factors which include weather conditions, the home’s thermal properties and boiler performance.  

Colin Calder, CEO of PassivSystems, said in a statement: “With no upfront costs required for the supply and installation of the smart thermostats, the partnership between ourselves and Engie will deliver significant energy cost savings for customers. More people will be given access to Passiv’s heating controls, while also benefitting from the protection of rising energy prices through choosing fixed tariff schemes such as those now offered by ENGIE.”

Paul Rawson, CEO of ENGIE’s UK home energy business, explains:  “The cost of heating our homes makes up the greatest proportion of household energy bills so it made absolute sense to us to make smart heating more accessible.

Rawson added: “By allowing our customers to only heat their home when they need to, we hope ENGIE Control will help them feel more in control, reduce the amount of energy they use and save money in the process.”

More value in reducing consumption

ENGIE has chosen to change the way it operates in order to prosper in tomorrow’s energy market which is undergoing significant transformation. The utility is making the shift from a linear conventional model to a more holistic alternative which also includes becoming more service orientated.

According to Wilfrid Petrie, Engie's UK chief executive, the changes in the industry should be viewed as a “time of great opportunity.”

He told an audience at the recent Financial Times Energy Strategies conference in London: "I see more value today in reducing consumption than supplying energy itself. “I also believe there is more value today in end results and not just selling kilowatt hours to the grid.” 

He added: “I think most services for customers today, whether battery, solar pv, don’t have a strong business case in isolation. PV is not good if you can’t get planning consents for example and I think connected devices make more sense if you can install them as part of a refurbishment. It’s this holistic approach that matters most and makes business work more effectively.”

He concluded: Today we are clearly in a sector with lots of disruption but with lots of opportunities and it’s an exciting sector to be in. The revolution in the energy sector will transform the world for the better.”

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