TXU Energy Saves its Customers Millions

TXU Energy has helped its business customers cut spending on electricity by US$51 million
Published: Mon 09 Jun 2014

Based on an investment of US$9.4 million in energy efficiency, TXU Energy’s US$9.4 million energy efficiency investment, has helped saved its business customers $51 million on their utility bills. Apparently this is a conservative estimate.

In addition to the investment by TXU, investments by those business customers has helped cut their electricity consumption by 682 million kilowatt-hours since 2009, when TXU Energy's Brighten GreenBack program was originally launched.

As the industry becomes even more competitive, customer service should remain at the top of the list and this is exactly what TXU Energy has realized. Read our articles-Engerati-Customer Service Remains a Priority and Engerati-Industry Disruption-Prioritize Customers’ Needs] for further insight.

Business customers get valuable returns

The Brighten GreenBack program offers rebates to large, commercial and industrial customers for energy-efficiency projects. So far, local businesses, including American Airlines and Marriott, have completed 265 projects.

"The Brighten GreenBack program allows our business customers to benefit from projects they might not have been able to fund otherwise. It helps cover the initial investment in energy-saving projects, which then deliver lower energy costs for years and often decades," said Scott Harrison, director of engineering and innovation for TXU Energy. "By far, the most common projects have focused on lighting, often installing smaller, higher-efficiency systems to deliver equal or greater light. On average, a lighting project will deliver 10 years of savings, so it often offers an attractive return on investment."

http://imagec17.247realmedia.com/RealMedia/ads/Creatives/default/empty.gif/0In addition to lighting, many customers have focused on heating, ventilation and cooling system upgrades, as well as equipment and lighting controls.

For every US$1 spent by a business, an additional US$5 in economic activity is created. Also, reducing demand on the state's power grid helps to ensure power reliability.

"We don't just bring our dollars to the table," Harrison said. "We help find additional rebate opportunities from Transmission and Distribution Utilities and other sources, and we bring a deep pool of energy experts to ensure that our business customers get valuable returns."

Customer satisfaction is high

Customer satisfaction rates are at an all-time high at TXU Energy, and the company has been consistently rated above all other major retailers on the Public Utility Commission of Texas' complaint scorecard.

As retail electricity providers continue to expand their portfolios of products and services and regulated utilities face the possibility of competition, remaining focused on customers' needs and customer service continues to grow in importance at TXU Energy.

"TXU Energy is intensely focused on constantly improving the fundamentals of service," he said. "While we're developing innovative plans and products to meet consumers' needs and preferences, we're also investing in how we serve our customers," explains TXU Energy Chief Operating Officer, Scott Hudson.