Turkey’s Enerjisa Chooses SAS To Improve Customer Data And Analytics Platform

The SAS Data Management solution is helping Turkey power company Enerjisa to reach their long-term vision for customer intelligence and analytics.
Published: Thu 26 Feb 2015

Turkey energy company Enerjisa, serving 9 million customers with its generation, distribution, wholesale, trading and retail activities, has updated its data management platform. The company has opted for the SAS Data Management solution which will help improve the various business areas to operate more efficiently.

Reliable data foundation critical

Enerjisa was keeping customer data on different systems and in different formats for data cleansing and analytics purposes which was proving to be inefficient. To enable the various business areas to operate more efficiently for advanced analytics purposes, the SAS Data Management solution creates a single source of customer data which will now make it easier for all departments to work together more effectively. The fact that there was a Turkish version of the solution already available, made implementation even easier.

Enerjisa recognized that building on a reliable and accurate data foundation was crucial for attaining its customer intelligence and analytics goals.

The first stage of the data management project ensured a consistent data flow between SAS and Enerjisa’s operational systems. Once that link was established, SAS worked with consultant Sade Yazılım to determine rules for data validity. The data was then cleansed and standardized for all customer data fields, including contact details. In addition to this, the data was consolidated to prevent a customer from being stored in multiple records on the system.

Customer intelligence and analytics goals met

Data enrichment (matching Enerjisa customer data to data from external entities, such as chambers of commerce and central civil registration systems) increased the completeness rates of customer details by 30%. More reliable customer contact details improved rates of successful contact and business results considerably.

“Through these data quality projects, we reduced the number of total customer records in our systems by 25% and significantly increased successful contact rates at the same time,” said Yetik Mert, CEO at Enerjisa. “These efforts ensure we have a strong foundation to help us reach our long-term vision for customer intelligence and analytics. Retaining satisfied customers in deregulated energy markets requires a combination of the best energy services, the right customer communication channels, and optimal marketing campaigns.”

Since 2010, Enerjisa has also relied on SAS forecasting solutions for short-term demand forecasting. By using SAS, Enerjisa has increased its demand accuracy on the day-ahead market. Enerjisa and SAS are currently working on mid- and long-term demand forecasting, as well as internal audit, predictive modeling and customer segmentation.

Increasing lifetime consumer value

There are compelling benefits for utilities to deploy consumer analytics in their operations.

Detailed knowledge of consumers can increase the lifetime consumer value of residential and commercial users. Utilities can optimize their outreach campaigns through consumer segmentation, so time and money are better spent.

When lifetime consumer value is properly leveraged, consumers are fully participating in utility programmes that manage and modulate their consumption with the right financial incentives or behavioural triggers (such as comparing a neighbour’s consumption).

When consumer segmentation is used in creating outreach programmes customer satisfaction is bound to increase. This subject is covered extensively in our recent webinar, Don’t Leave Your Customers Behind – Learn how to Unlock Smart Meter Value for Consumers.

As utilities’ needs grow in complexity, it makes sense for utilities to partner with data experts to help them design and deploy analytics to realise the maximum benefits.