Transformer Maintenance Could Extend Lifespan of Equipment Lifespan

Shell’s new Gas to Liquids transformer oil could help Africa’s utilities to improve transformer reliability and efficiency.
Published: Thu 25 Jun 2015

Speaking at a live studio interview at African Utility Week, Dr Joerg Friedel, Global Product Application Specialist at Shell, spoke about the new Gas to Liquids (GTL) transformer oil and the advantages that it gives the end-user regarding the lifetime security of transformers.

GTL-based oils ideal for Africa’s conditions

The properties of the oil, made from natural gas, are described as unique, pure, and predictable. This oil does not contain sulphur. The GTL based fluids have higher flash points, lower densities and typically more effective thermal properties than conventional mineral oils. The oil, with outstanding thermal properties, offers exceptional resistance to degradation which can translate into increased transformer reliability, safety and efficiency. Based on these unique features, Dr Friedel points out that the oil would be suited to the African environment which experiences high temperatures. The oil, on the market since 2013, is now being introduced to Africa’s utilities.

During the interview, Dr Friedel describes how Africa’s utilities can choose equipment which will make the grid smarter and he explains how regular transformer maintenance could add decades to equipment’s lifespan.