Tanzania-Energy Challenges Outlined

Simon F. Sayore, Chairman, EWURA
Published: Thu 20 Jun 2013

Tanzania’s government is placing a great deal of focus on the development of its natural energy resources, explains Mr Sayore. The country relies mainly on hydro for its power. However, due to extremely long periods of drought (up to two years), power supplies are critical. The government aims to harness other resources in order to improve its power supply and increase access. By 2020, the government aims to connect 30% of the population. By 2030, this will increase to 60%. He says that recently discovered natural gas resources are a major focus and it is hoped that this will lower the country’s heavy reliance on imported emergency power supplies.

Mr Sayore points out that the government has initiated a very aggressive program to improve the country’s power supply. The government aims to subsidise connections by the national utility. He says, “The government is working hard to ensure that resources (natural gas and coal) are being properly used to supply country’s power.” The country has also enlisted the financial assistance of China on a natural gas project which should improve supply.

Mr Sayore adds that an independent and strong regulator is also essential to the operational success of the power sector.