Spain Surpasses the UK and Germany In The Use Of Smart Home Automation

11% of Spanish homes with broadband already have a control system for smart homes.
Published: Mon 05 Jan 2015

High speed broadband is enabling consumers to acquire new habits and new devices with greater interconnection capacities. Retailers and service providers are responding to this trend by providing homes with interconnected technological solutions via Wi-Fi by using a smart net.

Telecommunication and utilities are calling for smart home technologies that can be easily integrated so that the customer-utility relationship can be fully optimised. This is true now more than ever since the utility now recognises the consumer as a critical business asset.

Smart home awareness low in Europe

However, smart home awareness is still low among European consumers, says Tom Kerber, Director, Research, Home Controls & Energy, Parks Associates. He adds, “The willingness to purchase smart home packages is not as strong in Europe as it is in the US. Research shows that 43% of US broadband households are interested in purchasing a smart home package, compared to 22% of broadband households in Germany, 30% in Spain, and 34% in the UK. Security companies have an advantage in this early market, as 80% of broadband households in the UK., Spain, and Germany rank home security companies as one their preferred providers for a smart home system.

Furthermore, Parks Associates research shows that 11% of Spanish homes with broadband already have a smart system for controlling homes, ahead of the United Kingdom, with 9%, and 5% in Germany.

Smart home market opportunity

Given this market opportunity, Spanish home automation company Domoalert has developed its comprehensive platform on the iCloud to control home domotics from a mobile device in an intuitive and no-fuss way. Natividad García, Domoalert's CEO, points out that “Telecom companies need tools that ensure loyalty from their customers and this represents a huge growth potential for Domoalert”.

Domoalert has developed a platform on the Cloud to provide coverage for their services, intuitive mobile applications and wireless devices that are easy to install. Consumers will be able to control energy consumption as well as monitor home security (Domoalert Security) from their smartphones. The Domoalert Effeciency application enables consumers to reduce the energy consumption in heating and domestic appliances. In addition to these applications, customers are also able to supervise the care of their dependents using Domoalert Care.

The system is easy to install, economical and has an application for the smartphone that is fully configurable by the user themselves. The system also creates a secure environment that guarantees data privacy.

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