Dogger Island – wind power ambition in the North SeaEuropean consortium proposes an artificial island in the North Sea as a central hub for delivery of wind power and trading between border countries.
Meeting the carbon emissions challenge in the energy sectorRenewables need to increase four-fold to decarbonise the energy sector by 2050.
Access Power to give away $7m to Africa’s most innovative project developersPrivate sector crowdsourcing origination platform is opening doors for Africa’s power projects.
Microgrids in India and Africa - how is space tech helpingEngerati assesses the impact of a new initiative with the European Space Agency on microgrid and mini-grid markets in India and Africa.
Is the solution to engaging business customers in the cloud?Engerati takes a deeper look at developing business customer engagement strategies and how cloud-based tools can help.
Behind the meter storage - the missing piece of the puzzleBehind the meter storage supports the emergence of prosumers as active participants in the energy market.
Water utilities - never too much dataWater utilities need a big data strategy to integrate OT and IT applications and to provide actionable real-time business information.
Tesla’s new solar storage system-a game changer for utilities? Tesla’s new solar storage facility will help utilities like Kauai Island Utility Cooperative to reach its renewables goals.
Impact of IoT on utility asset managementThe Internet of Things is bringing advances in the technical and financial management of connected grid assets.
Wireless submetering and utilities - what are the benefits?Meazon shares with Engerati how its small wireless submetering solution can help utilities offer energy services.
Demand response California: Pepco EV owners show flexibilityUS utility Pepco’s electric vehicle charging pilot shows how demand response events can influence customer behaviour.
Europe's energy future: Looking towards the digital TSOIT and digitalisation will underpin the future TSO business, says new ENTSO-E Secretary General Laurent Schmitt in an interview with Engerati.
US trials blockchain electronic wallet for electric vehicle chargingStartup Oxygen Initiative is introducing the Share&Charge EV charging payment platform developed in Germany into the US.
Cutting churn: First Utility digitises end to end customer journey Engerati looks at how the UK energy retailer is boosting its data analytics in a bid to improve customer engagement.
Street lighting – route to Internet of Things?Street lighting upgrades offer the opportunity for new smart city and IoT applications for utilities and cities.
Apps on grid edge devices - are you ready to download? Engerati analyses the significance of app-based intelligence for smart meters and sensors in distributed energy systems.
An open blockchain platform for the energy industryUS-Austrian initiative Energy Web Foundation aims to accelerate blockchain technology development in the energy sector.
RTE and Carrefour's demand flexibility deal - why is it significant? Supermarket giant Carrefour Hypermarchés has bid into France's new Capacity Market to offer demand response flexibility.
Flywheel storage to enable Alaska community microgrid Local utility builds a microgrid with a hybrid storage solution in a bid to cut electricity costs.
Grid flexibility and resilience – key to future energy networksBritain’s Future Power System Architecture project is identifying the needs of the 2030 electricity system.

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