Data at the heart of the utility transformationData analytics and technology are driving the changing operational practices of utilities.
China’s renewable energy growth useless without infrastructure China is unable to enjoy all the benefits that renewable energy has to offer since its infrastructure is lacking.
Developing the blockchain microgridSiemens is collaborating with LO3 Energy on the development of blockchain microgrids.
What’s the difference between Sir Philip Green and the GB Smart Metering Programme?Super yachts bad, smart meters good, writes Engerati member, Nick Hunn.
Grid storage gives new life to old batteriesVattenfall, BMW and Bosch have pioneered the use of second life EV batteries in a grid-scale energy storage facility in Hamburg.
UK invests £44.6m into smart grids Ofgem has awarded funding to six projects aimed at developing smarter energy grids in the UK.
Energy security is about new forms of baseload powerSouth Australia’s uptake in solar and batteries is viewed by grid operators as a threat to the grid security but perhaps a broader view is needed?
Europe’s Clean Energy Package – an overviewEngerati unpacks the European Commission’s ‘Clean Energy for all Europeans’ proposals.
The electric vehicle may not be Trumped after all The EV and clean energy industry could forge ahead even in the face of Trump’s transition plans.
Cutting electricity theft in Spain - what role is data analytics playing?Big data is helping Spanish utilities to increase revenue collection. Engerati asks Celestino Güemes of Atos Worldgrid for insights from the field
Nuclear power: is small also beautiful?Commentators have suggested that new nuclear in the UK has missed the boat but is this true for all new nuclear projects?
Week in smart metering – EUW round-upEuropean Utility Week was a buzz of activity, writes Claire Volkwyn, editor, Metering & Smart Energy International.
NZ consumers want more than just price from electricity retailersNew Zealand’s electricity retail market is full of opportunities as consumers search for fair prices and innovative services.
Digital transformation ‘goes mainstream’ in energy industryThe GE-Exelon software deal highlights the potential for a broader shift in the sector.
Real time data creating more value for smart cities Real time data is helping smart cities to save costs, become more efficient and safer and even create new business revenues for locals.
Energy efficiency – consider the customersEnergy efficiency programmes are more effective from cost and uptake perspectives if targeted to customer needs.
The role of energy integrator viewed as an ecosystemThe utility industry on a global level has a lot to learn from Europe’s innovative view of tomorrow’s energy integrator.
Developing power system operations at FingridFingrid has overcome the data intensive requirements of phasor measurement units (PMUs) to improve its operations.
Recognising the need to change-but not overnightThe first step in the transformation process is to recognise what needs changing and this will take time.
Week in smart metering - Word from European Utility WeekFocus is on digitisation of the grid, writes Claire Volkwyn, editor, Metering & Smart Energy International.

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As utilities push towards the delivery of new services, and the changing energy consumption (and consumer) landscape, the role of grid edge assets and analytics will become increasingly important.

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The energy sector has remained unchanged for a century and has stood largely for a guarantee of supply.

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