Smart Water Technology Combats Leaks In Brazil

Brazilian water company AEGEA expands coverage of real-time water network management.
Published: Fri 05 Dec 2014

Following a pilot of water network management technology, Brazilian water company AEGEA is expanding its use across further parts of its network to reduce losses and improve efficiency.

Águas Guariroba pilot

Deployment of Israeli water technology provider TaKaDu’s Integrated Water Network Management solution was started at AEGEA’s Águas Guariroba concessionaire with a R$2 million (US$0.8 million) investment in early 2014.

The cloud-based software solution allows remote monitoring and management of the network for changes in flow, pressure and other parameters on a real-time basis.

Águas Guariroba, the concessionaire for water and sewerage in Campo Grande, the capital and largest city of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul in the centre-west of Brazil, has been a leader in water loss reduction in Brazil. In 2013 the loss level was approximately 20%, which is among the lowest of water companies in Brazil, and is down from 56% in 2006.

The average water loss in Brazil is around 38% according to AEGEA, citing a survey from the Trata Brazil Institute. The average level globally is believed to be approximately 25%.

Technology expansion to Prolagos

AEGEA is now expanding the use of the TaKaDu solution to a second concessionaire, Prolagos. Prolagos provides water and sewerage services to five municipalities in Rio de Janeiro state with approximately 1,695km of pipeline installed.

“TaKaDu has significantly increased our visibility into the network, which allows us to better understand problems that would have been difficult to identify manually,” comments Radamés Casseb, operations director for AEGEA. “The cloud-based solution has helped us in our continuous endeavors to improve our service to consumers.”

Gili Hirsh, an industrial engineer with TaKaDu, says one of the biggest benefits of the solution is the ability to detect leaks when they are very small, before any breakage occurs.

AEGEA expects to expand the use of the service to its other concessionaires in the future. Together, these concessionaires cover 16% of the private sanitation market in Brazil, serving more than 700,000 households in 34 cities in six states.

TaKaDu’s technology partner in Brazil is the clean-tech company Optimale, which will continue to support the solution deployment, along with AEGEA business unit GSS.

Other countries where TaKaDu’s solution has been implemented include Australia, Britain, Chile, Israel, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.