Smart Meters Not Yet Aimed At Reducing Consumption

China’s smart meter rollout, the world’s largest, is focusing on efficient billing and load control, not energy efficiency.
Published: Mon 29 Jun 2015

In this live studio interview at African Utility Week, Eviane Gao, General Manager at Shenzhen Star Instruments, says that the metering landscape in China currently is very attractive for all Chinese suppliers due to the escalating growth in meter consumption. The Chinese government aims to replace all the old meters with new smart meters within the next five to 10 years. Ms Gao explains how the smart meter (both water and energy) forms part of the country’s greater smart grid plans. She goes on to discuss the escalating growth in local energy meter and meter component suppliers.

Smart meters not aimed at energy efficiency

While there are ways in which locals can check their energy consumption online, home energy management systems are not yet being used in China. While the smart meter provides China’s locals with a more efficient and accurate billing process, it has yet to offer consumers tips on how to consume energy more efficiently, explains Gao.