Smart Home Concept Looks To Next Generation Homes

The ‘Electric Smart Home’ concept has been introduced by Mitsubishi.
Published: Tue 03 Mar 2015

The ‘smart home’ market is being eyed by numerous companies, and not least the big Japanese electronics corporations such as Samsung with their extensive portfolios of appliances and other home electronics items. [Engerati-Samsung Gets its Piece of the Smart Home]

Mitsubishi, one of the companies vying for a share of this market, has now introduced its next-generation concept for home life, Mitsubishi Electric Smart Home, which combines sensors and linked appliances and other household equipment to support the daily lives of families by enabling them to easily share information about their mental and physical conditions.

The existing concept of smart houses involves the use of advanced appliances and other equipment via information technology, and visualizes as well as optimally controls household energy consumption. Mitsubishi Electric now claims to be taking the concept further with this focus on comfortable and enjoyable stress-free lifestyles.

Smart home applications

Although specific commercial applications for Mitsubishi Electric Smart Home have not been determined yet, Mitsubishi Electric is conducting research and development to apply the concept in its smart-house and home-appliance businesses. Potential practical applications may include the following:


• Camera identifies and authenticates each family member as they approach the front door

• Door-handle sensor collects biological information, such as body temperature and heart-rate to assess the person's physical condition.

• Health and daily schedules of each family member is displayed in the entry hall.


• Refrigerator door displays recommended recipes based on body data collected with sensing devices and food items available in the refrigerator

• Countertop displays preparation instructions and other helpful information, such as cooking tips and remaining cooking times

• Induction stove allows cooking vessels to be placed anywhere on the cooking surface, enabling two or more people to cook at the same time

• Outlet-free, non-contact power supply system feeds power to appliances anywhere in the house.

Smart home

Mitsubishi’s ‘smart all electric home’ lifestyle also includes PV generation and effective energy usage through high efficiency technologies such as heat pumps.

Smart homes will, in turn, form part of a broader smart community. Interest is growing is such communities in Japan following the 2011 tsunami. [Engerati-Disaster Recovery and the Smart Community]