Smart Grid Should Be Developed with the Customer in Mind

Andrew Blaver, Implementation Manager, Perth Solar City
Published: Fri 18 Oct 2013

The true success of a smart grid is to recognize the needs of the customer. It is also essential to create transparency around the development of the smart technology and the project and how it will benefit the customer.

Energy efficiency is central to the development of a smart grid. The utility can tailor the tools that smart grid provides in order to meet the customer’s needs. Using smart technology, the utility has the opportunity to educate the customer on how to utilize power in a more efficient manner, thereby decreasing utility bills and limiting carbon footprints. Drawing on smart meter data, the utility can prepare itself as the consumers’ needs and requirements are taken into account.

“Collective impact” is also a good tool to show how every consumer contributes to an overall positive change. Customers respond positively towards a project -that they are a part of something bigger.