Smart Grid Investment Optimized With Distribution Intelligence

Landis+Gyr uses world-leading technology to deliver distribution intelligence to help utilities reap the benefits of smart grid investments.
Published: Mon 30 Mar 2015

In our recent webinar, “Delivering distribution intelligence with MV/LV network supervision and control”, Jesper Klingsten Nielsen, Senior Product Manager for Smart Grid EMEA at Landis+Gyr, discusses the many reasons why utilities should increase their network visibility.

The need to improve network visibility

While each utility is unique and has its own set of challenges to overcome, the following issues are steering utilities toward increased grid visibility:

  • Reducing system average interruption duration index (SAIDI) and system average interruption frequency index (SAIFI).

  • Improving power quality which can be compromised by the introduction of new energy sources like solar PV.

  • Improving visibility of power flows to avoid potential bottlenecks in network.

  • Managing ageing infrastructure assets and staff issues.

  • Detecting energy theft

  • Optimising smart grid installation and integration costs.

Smart solutions to meet grid challenges

Nielsen explains how the Landis+Gyr smart grid portfolio can address a wide range of challenges that utilities are faced with on a daily basis. Solutions can offer the following benefits:

Increased fault location, isolation and restoration by developing automation and control to lower SAIDI and SAIFI

  • Power quality monitoring at strategic points

  • Power flow visualization through monitoring and control so bottlenecks can be located in the network through intelligent alarm handling

  • High precision measurement for detection of energy theft

  • Renewable integration management

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Smart grid portfolio

The webinar covers Landis+Gyr’s various distribution network solutions which are appropriate for Medium Voltage (MV) up to36K, and Low Voltage (LV) monitoring and control of the network:

  • S650 SCADA

This is a metering node with smart grid functionality of MV/LV Monitoring. In combination with SmartCom RTU, it aggregates and transmits real-time data to the utility IT business system like SCADA or another energy management platform.

  • S760-Smart Grid Device Integrator

It is a MV/LV Monitoring and Control solution which integrates existing and new smart grid devices independent of their functionality. The solution enables utilities to create a cross-functional smart grid platform in the substations through the integration of all the smart grid devices into the customer IT business system.

  • S780-Overhead Line Monitoring

This MV monitoring solution is designed for overhead line monitoring of voltage /current and fault detection. The solution enables utilities to place MV overhead line in the network where the monitoring of voltage and current is critical.

  • S790-Supervisor

This offers a complete MV/LV Monitoring and Control solution with built-in Power Quality functionality according to EN50160. The solution comes pre-equipped with optically isolated MV current sensors for installation in compact switch gear or other non-touch safe installations. S790 can be easily combined with additional Landis+Gyr’s modules for added functionality, which allows utilities to flexibly extend, adapt and change their infrastructure in compliance with their smart grid strategy.

The key features of these products are discussed in more detail in the webinar.

Proof is in the product

Nielsen listed three case studies, each on a different timeline with regards to the adoption of a monitoring control solution. He shows how the solutions helped these customers to cope with their daily operational business and capital expenditures.

Case Study 1: Unison, New Zealand

New Zealand distribution network owner, Unison, needed a LV Monitoring solution with Power Quality Measurement to achieve the following objectives:

  • Validate compliance with network standards (EN50160)

  • Better understand the root causes of power quality issues

  • Review and update network standards

  • Review business processes

  • Better understand the level of power quality supply to their customers

  • Respond to regulatory incentives

Unison chose the LV Monitoring solution (variant of S760) with advanced Power Quality monitoring and remote firmware/configuration. This will help improve the management of supply quality. This is an early adoption so Landis+Gyr looks forward to the results which will be available in the short-term.

Case Study 2: Enexis, the Netherlands

Enexis, a major distribution system operator in the Netherlands, was looking to deploy a retrofit Distribution Automation solution that would meet the following requirements:

  • Improve quality of power distribution, reduce frequency and duration of power outages and decrease SAIDI.

  • The automation solution had to fit 20% of the substation variations which covered 80% of utility’s network installations

  • Reduce installation costs by deploying a standardized Distribution Automation solution

A significant outage reduction has been achieved- CML dropped from 87+ minutes to 3 minutes. Based on this project experience the utility was able to update its Distribution Automation strategy.

Case study 3: DONG Energy, Denmark

DONG Energy, a major energy supplier in Northern Europe, wanted a MV/LV Monitoring and Control solution for its distribution network and its reasons were:

  • To deploy a modular retrofit solution to fit DONG Energy’s large variety of substations which vary in age.

  • To locate faults quicker and reduce SAIDI, which required automation capabilities

The solution helped DONG Energy to significantly reduce their outages.CML dropped from 35+ minutes to seven minutes. The system has been in operation for over 10 years and is now used for network planning.

Details of the case studies are further explored in the webinar.