Smart City Must Engage the Consumer

Eran Aloni, CEO, Smart Cities Engagement Solutions, Sangam Tech Limited
Published: Fri 18 Oct 2013

In order to create a smart city, the consumer must support the concept. According to Mr Aloni, through effective communication, the customer can learn to understand and adopt the smart grid and city concept. His firm has developed a social platform for this purpose.

The idea is that a community’s residents will be able to share data to help the smart city operate more effectively. For example, residents can report a leaking pipe or street lights which have not been switched off. This data is shared with other residents and public service providers.

This gives the utility and public services the ability to make critical business decisions which will help a smart city to operate better.

Basically, with this concept, consumers are given more control and are able to engage more effectively with their community and public service providers. They will feel that they are part of something bigger and energy efficiency goals will be reached quicker since there is transparency on the issue at the touch of a key. The information received will be in real-time so the utility can make more effective and up to date decisions which will improve the effectiveness of a smart city’s operations.