Single Energy Data Analytics Platform Improving Efficiency

IBM has responded to utilities’ request for a single analytics platform.
Published: Thu 18 Dec 2014

Ricardo Klatovsky, VP of Global Sales for Energy & Utilities, IBM, discusses the importance of analytics and expanding data capabilities at Engerati’s live studio at European Utility Week.

There is agreement that analytical capabilities will allow utilities to do things differently and a lot better in the future, explains Klatovsky.

One broad platform

In response to utilities’ request for one broad platform to assimilate and analyse data, IBM has developed the IBM Insights Foundation for Energy, a new energy analytics platform. It provides and enables applications from IBM and IBM Business Partners, such as predictive maintenance or grid awareness and management —allowing energy companies to unify data and processes, creating contextual awareness, visual insights, and improved and optimized outcomes.

“The new platform is more efficient and utilities will be able to adapt and transform it according to various parts of the business.” He explains that it is better to have commonalities for all utilities and then each utility can adapt the model according to specific use cases. “The new model is more robust and offers many more capabilities and greater flexibility when expanding on analytics capabilities.”

He explains that there is a new mindset of discovery amongst utilities and that they are a lot more open to new data sources to figure out their cyber and physical reality. “With this new platform, utilities will be able to uncover things a lot quicker and respond even faster than before.”