Security By Design – Beating The Cyber Threats

Security, safety and privacy are key issues to build-in the deployment of smart meters and smart grid.
Published: Wed 19 Nov 2014

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The only way  to future-proof new energy infrastructure against cyber threats is to build in security by design, according to Michael John, senior security consultant at the independent not-for-profit European Network for Cyber Security, in an interview in the Engerati Studio at European Utility Week 2014.

Cyber security and safety

John views cyber threats as encompassing not only security but also safety – both from the machine and public perspectives. And where smart meters are involved, increasingly in the smart grid with different datasets being integrated for analytics, it also encompasses privacy.

John cautions that even with security by design, sufficient testing is required to ensure that the systems function correctly before going live in the field. Nor should legacy systems be forgotten, as with more and more interconnection they are becoming potentially reachable and open to cyber attack.