Schneider Electric and Awesense Inc. To Develop Joint Offers To Reduce Losses On Distribution Networks

Schneider Electric and Awesense Inc. have signed an agreement to commercialize complementary offers to reduce network grid losses.
Published: Mon 24 Nov 2014

An agreement has been signed by Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, and Awesense Inc, a software developer, which will see both firms combine their expertise in order to design and propose integrated solutions to enable utilities to reduce ongoing grid losses.

Through these solutions, utilities can look forward to recovering lost revenue, thereby helping them achieve more reliable and profitable distribution grids.

Increased grid efficiency

Awesense Inc. develops products and software for increased grid efficiency by identifying losses, reducing risk of overloads, leveraging data from assets and reducing revenue recovery time from metering errors or electricity theft.

Schneider Electric develops, manufactures and sells electrical distribution, critical power supply and control equipment as well as network automation and grid management software enabling its utility customers to operate reliable, secure and efficient networks.

This agreement will enable Schneider Electric to integrate and sell Awesense’s True Grid Intelligence (TGI) loss mitigation cloud software and line sensors, as well as associated engineering & technical services. Awesense Inc. will benefit from Schneider Electric’s commercial footprint with utility partners across the globe, and specialised teams who are actively engaged in improving network efficiency.

A complete loss reduction solution

Frédéric Abbal, EVP of Schneider Electric’s Energy Business commented “This agreement will create a complete loss reduction solution by bringing together our complementary offers and enabling utilities worldwide to increase grid efficiency by analyzing data from smart meters against data from suspicious network assets through losses audits.”

According to Mischa Steiner-Jovic, CEO of Awesense Inc. “We are very excited to partner with Schneider Electric in tackling the problem of unidentified losses. Utilities lose over US$200 billion each year to distribution losses, which have an enormous impact on the environment and the economic performance of power companies everywhere.”

TGI release 2.0

Awesense has just introduced its TGI release 2.0.

TGI works in conjunction with meter data management (MDM) and meter data analytics systems to identify parts of the distribution grid that are likely to have high levels of theft and losses. TGI can then manage the complete field investigation process, using pre-installed and roving in-grid data collection tools to improve situational awareness of the actual grid operating conditions.

The solution identifies losses on all grid topologies with overhead or underground conductors.