Sanmina to Manufacture Energy Storage Systems for Primus Power

Sanmina Corporation and Primus Power have signed a manufacturing agreement which will focus on the growing energy storage market.
Published: Mon 26 May 2014

Sanmina Corporation, an integrated manufacturing solutions company, will assemble and test EnergyPod distributed energy storage systems at its Silicon Valley manufacturing facilities.

Mutually beneficial collaboration

Primus Power has developed the EnergyPod, a safe and low cost distributed energy storage system which is aimed at enhancing the stability and security of the electric grid, while offering exceptional power density, reliability and portability.

According to Primus Power CEO Tom Stepien, three imperatives helped them to choose a production partner: manufacturing innovation, strong engineering and the ability to quickly scale to volume. He adds that Sanmina's has a great deal of production experience with complex power systems. Stepien expands, “For complex grid-scale energy storage technology, it's an added advantage to find a manufacturing partner with a deep understanding of our customers' technical priorities and extensive reach into the energy ecosystem. Furthermore, Sanmina's global footprint will enable us to distribute worldwide. We anticipate a long and mutually beneficial collaboration."

Sundar Kamath, senior vice president of corporate technology at Sanmina points out that his firm is pleased to be working with Primus Power to solve one of clean technology's most pressing issues-the cost-efficient storage of energy for smart grids. He explains that the firm has worked with clean technology customers for over two decades in the design and manufacturing of power systems, batteries and inverters. This is what gives Sanmina a unique ability to assist companies like Primus Power to introduce new technologies to the market quickly, as well as meet global demand. Sanmina has eight facilities in Silicon Valley which will provide a complete solution for Primus Power.

Wide range of solutions

Sanmina offers a wide range of solutions for companies in the energy markets, including solar, wind, oil and gas, fuel cell, LED lighting and battery systems. The company's Silicon Valley facilities provide end-to-end solutions including high technology printed circuit board design and fabrication, enclosures, precision machining, new product introduction, system assembly and test.

Sanmina boasts three decades of experience across a wide range of industries. The firm works with customers to design and launch new products, reducing time to market and producing more robust designs. Products launched in one of Sanmina's gateway facilities can be built and distributed from any of Sanmina's manufacturing facilities, located in every major region worldwide.

Collaboration is a key element to strategy

The manufacturing agreement is a key element of Primus Power's global operations strategy. The company's first customers, including municipal and investor-owned utilities, as well as microgrids at military bases, will start receiving EnergyPods in the coming months.

A number of companies have been joining forces in order to take the development of energy storage to the next level. Technological and market forces are converging to make energy storage one of the most exciting — and potentially game-changing — opportunities for commercial and industrial facility managers, grid operators, homeowners and investors.