Reykjavik Energy Modernises its Distribution Network

Iceland’s utility company Reykjavik Energy is upgrading its grid with General Electric’s software.
Published: Thu 26 Mar 2015

GE’s Digital Energy business will provide Iceland’s largest utility company, Reykjavik Energy, with its PowerOn Advantage advanced distribution management system (ADMS).

Modernize and optimize distribution

The aim of the grid software system is to modernize and optimize the utility grid in Iceland. The system will enable Reykjavik Energy to reduce operational costs while also improving functionality and the quality of the power it supplies to Reykjavik.

Reykjavik Energy’s electrical distribution network serves more than half of Iceland’s population. Its existing SCADA platform has been in service since 1996. With the new ADMS, the utility will be able to continuously access critical grid information, advancing the functionality of its network and helping to modernize its grid.

Optimize renewable resources

Iceland is a forerunner country in modern energy production with virtually 100% of its electricity generated from renewable resources- 87% of the country’s heat and hot water demand is met with geothermal energy and 25% of its electricity demand is supplied by geothermal power. Hydropower supplies the other 75% of electricity demand. Reykjavik acquires only 19% of its primary energy, used in transportation and heating, from fossil fuel sources

Enjoying these high-quality power sources encouraged us to improve our distribution management system,” said Runar Svavar Svavarson, technical manager of Reykjavik Energy’s electrical systems. “GE’s PowerOn Advantage system enables us to improve our control over our electricity grid and to provide our customers with the high-quality power they require in a cost-effective way.”

In addition to providing Reykjavik Energy with its PowerOn Advantage ADMS, GE also will provide the utility with seven years of maintenance and service as per the agreement. The PowerOn Advantage solution will be delivered from GE’s development center in Livingston, Scotland.

“A utility’s ability to control its network and manage the people working on its power system is fundamental to ensuring a safe and reliable power system for its customers and employees,” said Magnus Rosenblad, account director for the Nordic region, GE’s Digital Energy business. “Our PowerOn Advantage provides utilities with a single, yet modular, ADMS platform that equips grid operators with real-time information to help keep the lights on, prevent and rapidly respond to outages and maximize the utility’s return on network investment.