Renewables Integration – Three Product Innovations

Tollgrade Communications’ Lighthouse MV power sensor, Omicron Electronics’ Votano 100 and ABB’s UniSec SmartGrid recognized for product innovation.
Published: Thu 13 Nov 2014

Recognizing the role of product innovation as a driver in today’s energy industry, Tollgrade Communications’ Lighthouse MV power sensor was recognized as the most innovative product in the Smart Grid and Renewable Integration category at European Utility Week 2014.

The runners up in this category were Omicron Electronics’ Votano 100 transformer testing and calibration device, and ABB’s UniSec SmartGrid switchgear.

Overall product winner was the Outage Lifecycle Management solution from Ventyx, which also won in the Smart Metering, ICT and Grid Security category. [Engerati-Energy ICT And Data Leads Product Innovation]

Lighthouse MV power sensor (Tollgrade)

The Lighthouse MV power sensor – which was launched into Europe at European Utility Week – is the first battery-free, ‘all-in-one’ smart grid sensor capable of monitoring real-time voltage on distribution networks within 0.5% accuracy. As such, it offers a low cost, high accuracy solution for the integration of renewable energies.

The sensors easily clamp onto overhead power lines to measure voltage, current and power (real, reactive and apparent). Highly accurate voltage, current and fault measurements provide valuable real-time inputs to key planning models and control applications including SCADA and other network management systems.

Votano 100 (Omicron Electronics)

The Votano 100 is a portable, high accuracy device for testing and calibration of voltage transformers up to 0.1 accuracy class.

Features include determination of VT ratio and phase angle accuracy for all specified ratio values, VT winding resistance measurement of secondary windings, determination of magnetization characteristics, and leakage reactance measurement of VTs under test. The measured results are automatically assessed in accordance with IEEE and IEC standards. Class verification of VTs with up to 5 secondary windings can be done within one measurement cycle.

UniSec SmartGrid (ABB)

UniSec for Smart Grid is an extension of the 12-24 kV UniSec indoor air-insulated medium-voltage secondary distribution switchgear portfolio aimed at markets where there are requirements to connect distributed renewable generation and for smart grid applications in secondary distribution networks.

UniSec for Smart Grid is equipped with advanced feeder automation device, which in combination with additional devices (from fault passage indicators up to ABB Relion multifunctional relays) provides various data to the remote control centres. Integrated smart grid functionalities allow remote fault location, network reconfiguration to isolate faults, and improved diagnostics for protection, maintenance and condition monitoring.