Prince of Wales Shows Support for Renewables

Innovation is the key to renewable energy development in Prince of Wales’ centenary message to the Energy Institute.
Published: Mon 07 Jul 2014

As part of its centenary celebrations, the Energy Institute presented HRH The Prince of Wales with an Honorary Fellowship in recognition of his significant contribution to the promotion of sustainable living for over four decades. He joins his father, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, and 70 other eminent professionals from across industry, government and academia.

Closing loops

In a special video message recorded in celebration of this milestone, the Prince emphasized the importance of the Energy Institute delivering professionalism and good practice, particularly in climate change, resource scarcity and a global energy transition.

With the Energy Institute actively engaged in providing a platform for knowledge sharing, the Prince brought his own views to the energy debate: "The central argument [of the circular economy] is that all of the atoms and molecules that we require are already in existence. We just need them in different locations and different combinations. The challenge is to redesign the supply chain, develop innovative technologies and generate sufficient renewable energy to use and reuse those molecules so that we have the closed loops we need as our population grows.”

The Prince recognizes the environmental constraints, such as pollution and climate change, and says that we must find a way to operate within these parameters.

Innovation will shape the future

The Prince also congratulated the Institute and its members on the part they play in the development of the energy industry. He added that he hopes they will continue to instigate further innovations to shape the future. He called for the organization to promote renewable energy and the technologies that allow it to be deployed.

Ian Marchant FEI, President, Energy Institute, says: “Energy plays a part in everyday life and the development of a safe and sustainable and affordable energy system is crucial to our modern way of life. We all need to respond to the challenges that lay ahead with a clear understanding of the issues involves. “I welcome His Royal Highness’ contribution to the debate and hope this will inspire others to become more active in advancing the solutions we need for the benefit to society as a whole.”

The Prince’s message comes at a good time for an organization that began 100 years ago with roots in the Institution of Petroleum Technologists and probably includes plenty of fossil-fuel representation among the 19,000 employees and 250 companies it supports.