PRIME Alliance Takes Smart Grid To The Next Functionality Level

PRIME Alliance is developing new smart grid functionalities which can be used globally.
Published: Fri 19 Dec 2014

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In this live studio interview at European Utility Week, Oscar Marquez, Vice President of PRIME Alliance  speaks about their goals - geographic expansion, extended solutions and securing investment.

The new reality of smart grid

Marquez discusses the aim of the recently released PRIME version 1.4 which represents an extension of version 1.3. The changes at the PHY and MAC level bring improvements such as increased robustness and throughput, band expansion, band-plan flexibility and IP version 6 support whilst ensuring backwards compatibility. The new release is the result of all the benefits and lessons learned from 5 million installed PRIME smart meters.

PRIME v1.4 changes are the result of field experience, and no change has been introduced without extensive measurement campaigns in existing deployments plus intensive simulation and verification of technical alternatives. The new release can be deployed globally, even in the harshest network conditions.

“The features in the new release are facilitating the step towards the new reality of the smart grid,” explains Marques, “PRIME alliance, is developing new functionalities to go beyond the traditional smart metering business that utilities are facing.”