Prestigious Energy Prize Up for Grabs

The Zayed Future Energy Prize is awarding those with the best clean energy and sustainability strategies.
Published: Mon 28 Apr 2014

UK businesses and schools are being encouraged to showcase their cleantech and sustainability credentials on the international stage by entering the Zayed Future Energy Prize. Up for grabs is the collective prize money of $US4 million, as well as the associated prestige.

The competition’s aim

The aim of the Zayed Future Energy Prize is to recognize the achievements and innovation in the fields of renewable energy and sustainability, as well as projects that educate and inspire future generations.

The prize is awarded every year to companies, organisations, individuals and schools that make significant contributions to the future of sustainable energy. The programme is managed by Masdar, on behalf of the Abu Dhabi government.

The prestigious prize is awarded in five distinct categories in order to cover the entire value chain in the industry:

  • Large Corporation

  • Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)

  • Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)

  • Lifetime Achievement

  • Global High Schools

Last year’s winners are ABB (Large Corporation Award), Fraunhofer (Non-Governmental Organisation Award), Abellon Clean Energy (Small and Medium Enterprise Award), and Mr Wang Chuan Fu, is the founder, chairman, executive director and president of the China-based BYD Co Ltd. (Lifetime Achievement Award).

The Global High Schools Award went to Bronx Design and Construction Academy (USA), Gh Rosca Codreanu National College (Europe), Nkhata Bay School Authority (Africa), Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya (Asia), and Tonga High School (Oceania).

The High School Award, including five geographic regions, is different from the other awards since it is awarding a future project. A grass-root movement, the award focuses on grade nine to 12. To win, schools must submit business models on how they intend to improve energy efficiency, sustainability, energy access and the introduction of renewable energy sources at the school and even in the surrounding community.

Every school stands the chance of winning up to US$100,000.

In an interview with Engerati at the Africa Utility Week last year, Dr Nawal Al-Hosany, Director of the Zayed Future Energy Prize, expands: “It’s about tapping into our future generation that will be making the decisions one day. Even if these children decide not to work in the energy industry, they will have a better understanding of how their choices affect the environment.”

Internationally recognised

The prize has been recognized internationally as it has a very thorough and extremely detailed evaluation process, carried out by a high level and diverse group of professionals from around the world in the energy industry.

According to Dr Al-Hosany, the prizewinners are given on-going support by the organization and are introduced to a network of innovators, major industry players and interested investors.

Submissions and nominations will close on 14 July, 2014. For more information and to submit an application, please visit: The 2015 winners will be announced next year.