Preparing Europe For Active Demand

ADVANCED FP7 Information and Communication Technologies Project is creating an actionable framework for active demand in Europe.
Published: Tue 09 Dec 2014

In this live studio interview at European Utility Week, Marina Lombardi, Project Coordinator of ADVANCED project talks to Dr Philip Lewis, CEO of VaasaETT, about the European-funded FP7 Information and Communication Technologies Project.

Understanding active demand

The project, designed to study pilot projects on active demand in Europe has been running for two years now and the aim is to gain an understanding of the successes and failures behind active demand programmes. The programmes focus on energy efficiency and consumption data empowering the customer, as well as demand response where customers can change their demand according to electricity price signals.

Four case studies were carried out in Europe and the idea was to study these pilots and compare and assess them against key performance indicators to uncover best practices, explains Lombardi. “We are creating an actionable framework for those who wish to adopt these programmes, as well as enable the efficient transition from pilot to roll-out phase.”

Customer education

One of the major key findings of the project is customer education, says Lombardi. Educating the consumer about the aim of the research, as well as technology and goals surrounding active demand programmes before implementation is critical. “It is important to keep the customer engaged throughout the programme and finally the roll-out. This must be a step-by-step process.”

Asked whether Europe is ready for active demand, Lombardi says that while much has been achieved, there is still work to do especially in terms of the regulatory framework.