Power to Gas Needs Collaboration

Onno Florisson, Senior Consultant, DNV Kema discusses the framework for power to gas energy storage
Published: Fri 18 Oct 2013

The power to gas concept offers some exciting uses-the conversion of electricity into hydrogen gives the grid a lot more flexibility, increased capacity, it decarbonizes the energy mixture, and it underpins the value of the natural gas grid.

Although the technology to support power to gas is mature, strong collaboration between all the stakeholders involved in electricity, natural gas and hydrogen is needed to enable the efficient and sustainable development of power to gas.

The process of power to gas must be viewed as part of the whole electrical system. This viewpoint and the effective collaboration between all the involved parties will see the system optimized. In addition to this, the network has to be assessed before hydrogen is accepted into the natural gas grid and further regulations must be set for the various stakeholders. This will support the integration of all renewable sources.

A lot still needs to be done before power to gas is properly integrated in to the grid and a sound business case must be created.