Partnership Simplifies Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme Compliance

The partnership between performance analytics firm IES and energy management platform provider EnergyDeck will make ESOS compliance easier.
Published: Thu 21 May 2015

IES and EnergyDeck have formed a partnership that will allow EnergyDeck customers to link the platform with IES’ ESOS Auditor to enable a quicker and easier route to Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) compliance.

ESOS- an opportunity for large power users to save

ESOS, a new piece of EU legislation, requires member states to introduce a mandatory programme of energy audits for ‘large enterprises’. For Britain, this means that over 9,000 of Britain’s largest companies will be required to comply – with the initial audits to be undertaken by 5 December 2015. The audits include 12 months of verifiable data.

As a minimum, large organisations (those with more than 250 employees or a turnover in excess of €50 million) will be required to review total energy use from their business operations, including building energy use, transport energy use and industrial processes. Companies have to calculate the amount of energy used per employee, and identify potential measures that could save energy.

Failure to comply with ESOS could trigger penalties of up to a maximum of £50,000 and/or an additional fine of £500 per day until compliance is achieved for a maximum of 80 days alongside publication of an organisation’s non-compliance.

In addition to the audit, companies have to include recommendations for cost-effective energy efficiency measures that can be undertaken with the estimated costs and benefits quantified.

While many view ESOS as yet another level of time-intensive and costly enviro-compliance on top of the existing Carbon Reduction Commitment, Mandatory Carbon Reporting and Climate Change Levy, it could be viewed as an opportunity for large UK businesses to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. The UK Government predicts that ESOS could actually help deliver savings of nearly £2 billion. [Engerati-EU’s Energy Saving Directive to Reduce Energy Bills.]

Making energy audits for ESOS less painful

The qualifying organisations are now searching for the best and most efficient ways to gather, validate and store all the data needed to calculate their total energy consumption and undertake energy audits. Each participating organisation needs to build an evidence pack to evidence the information in their ESOS compliance assessment.

With the amalgamation of IES ESOS Auditor and EnergyDeck, the system promises organisations, a more seamless process, an efficient workflow and maximised value from the data collected.

According to David McEwan, Director IES, ESOS Auditor will enable organisations to manage all of their data online in one place, helping them to delegate the workload, improve data collection efficiency, and reduce risks of omissions and the chances of fines if selected for audit by the government. He adds, “The partnership with EnergyDeck will now enable even more organisations to comply quickly and easily with ESOS and understand just how much they can achieve in terms of energy efficiency.”

“EnergyDeck is an innovative energy management platform that allows users to easily gather resource consumption data for a wide range of metrics, track efficiency projects and share information within their organisation and beyond.”, says Nic Mason, COO of EnergyDeck. “Our partnership with IES ESOS Auditor means that organisations not only ensure compliance, but can now transfer the audit outcomes into EnergyDeck in order to drive a long term strategy of resource and cost reduction."

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