Opower And CLP Power Gives Hong Kong’s Consumers More Control

Hong Kong’s residential customers can look forward to saving money by managing their consumption more effectively through a web portal.
Published: Fri 16 Jan 2015

Opower, a global leader in cloud-based software for the utility industry, has supported the successful rollout of a new customer engagement platform to Hong Kong-based CLP (China Light & Power) Power’s 2 .1 million residential customers.

Home energy management for residents

CLP customers will now have access to personalised energy usage insights and energy savings recommendations via its dedicated web portal, “Eco Optimizer 2.0.”

Leveraging Opower’s platform, CLP launched the printed Home Energy Reports in July 2014, to approximately 56,000 customers. Now, all of CLP’s 2.1 million residential customers will be able to access their personalised Home Energy Reports, via the Eco Optimizer 2.0 portal, which is available in both Chinese and English. In addition, CLP’s customers can also subscribe to receive their own electronic Home Energy Reports on a bi-monthly basis.

By logging into the portal, customers will be able to learn how their electricity usage compares to homes with similar consumption patterns, as well as ways to reduce energy and save money on their electricity bills.

Energy savings in the East

Opower’s platform combines sophisticated proprietary big data analytics, software design and behavioural science to provide better service and information to customers. Energy saving behaviour is encouraged by comparing an individual household’s electricity usage against previous bills, as well as explaining possible reasons for differences between bills.

“Across Asia, there is a significant opportunity to help utilities tackle challenges in the energy sector and build better customer relationships,” said Dan Yates, chief executive of Opower.

Engerati wrote recently about Opower’s leap into the Asian utility market. [Engerati – Opower Goes East] The company has also partnered with Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco), Japan’s largest utility and one of the world’s largest utilities. Opower and TEPCO teams have been working closely to quickly integrate, implement, and test new enhancements to Tepco’s free customer web portal, Denki Kakeibo. Similarly through this portal, Tepco customers will have access to personalized energy usage insights and energy savings recommendations.

Says Yates, “We want to help utilities become trusted energy advisors for their customers by empowering them with better tools and information.”

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