NV Energy Installs Alstom’s Latest Demand Response System

Alstom’s latest DRMS version will provide NV Energy with advanced demand response management function
Published: Fri 30 Jan 2015

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NV Energy has installed Alstom’s latest Demand Response Management System (DRMS) to provide new, advanced functions for its Demand Response (DR) programmes.

NV Energy is a large investor-owned utility based in Las Vegas, Nevada that generates, transmits and distributes electric service covering 97% of Nevada, including the Las Vegas Valley. It serves about 1.3 million customers and over 40 million tourists annually, and is seen as a utility industry leader when it comes to its DR programmes, direct load control technologies, and advanced forecasting and optimization techniques. [Engerati – How To Win a Customer’s Interest in Demand Response.]

Advanced demand response functions

NV Energy first went into production with Alstom's DRMS in 2012 to manage the lifecycle of DR programmes, customers and devices.

Alstom's DRMS, based on its e-terraDRBizNet product, also serves as the command and control center for all DR-related activities including DR programme administration and enrollment, event management, performance and settlements for approximately 100,000 residential DR participants, as well as NV Energy's commercial-industrial programmes and customers.

The latest DRMS version, released to NV Energy, provides advanced functions to interface with both proprietary and industry standards-based customer devices; this includes the likes of Cooper Power Systems, Carrier/United Technologies, and Corporate Systems Engineering for existing operational load management systems, and BuildingIQ's advanced commercial and industrial building control system for industry standard OpenADR-based systems.

The management system also provides a new open device interface to manage automated demand response device types such as EcoFactor, NV Energy's newest residential air conditioning control technology and energy efficiency platform. It enables device status and updates, receives DR events, and automatically acknowledges customers' participation or their preference to 'opt out' of a particular event. This open interface can be used by NV Energy's other third party device vendors to interface with Alstom's DRMS, thereby reducing the cost and complexity of future integration.

According to Karim El Naggar , Vice President of Alstom Grid's Network Management Solutions, NV Energy is always looking ahead and testing the newest DR and DER technologies.

Demand Response to see even more innovation

GTM Research forecasts in its report, U.S. Demand Response Market Outlook 2014, that the next decade will see increased innovation which will lead to price reductions in sensor technology and automation. In addition, the adoption of distributed energy resources will present new opportunities for traditional DR and energy management players, as well as new entrants.

In the next decade, the U.S. DR market is expected to grow at a moderate pace, based on near-term regulatory uncertainties. But during this time, the sector will redefine which technologies and new programme designs will best fit the needs of each regional DR market.

Among DR vendors, new demand response business models will emerge, and there will be an increase in new market leaders, as well as the obsolescence of several existing players, states the report.

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