Norway’s Validér Chooses Powel for Smart Metering Plans

Validér has chosen Powel for Norway’s largest smart metering platform
Published: Wed 21 May 2014

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Norway’s smart metering rollout plans have taken a significant move forward. Validér, a service provider formed by 21 grid companies in western Norway, has signed an agreement with Powel, a software and services provider for the energy sector.

Through the contract, Powel and its project sub-suppliers Oracle and e-vita, will provide the IT platform needed to carry out the largest smart metering project in Norway to date, initially including 400,000 smart metering points.

Platform to offer cost-effectiveness and reliability

Thomas Thiis, CEO at Validér says that he is convinced that the new platform will offer a cost effective and reliable service of Advanced Metering Systems (AMS) for the existing and future shareholders and customers.

The introduction of smart metering for end-customers allows for automated recording of the customer’s electric energy consumption in intervals of an hour or less. The meter recordings will be collected using the Powel ELIN system improving process automation, monitoring and control of the distribution system. In addition to measuring electrical consumption, the system will gather information of the voltage level, improve outage management and help identify any earth failures. As a result, these features will provide the grid companies with crucial and significantly improved information for planning, operating and maintain the medium- and low-voltage distribution system.

Powel and its solution support a wide variety of meter types and communication technologies – functionality that is central for the success of the Validér concept. It fully supports advanced metering management processes, independent of meter brand and communication protocol. In this way, Powel is able to provide the flexibility needed for successfully and securely managing a project of this scale now and in the future.

Validér, the service provider for smart meter operations, will manage and operate Powel’s system for collection and processing of all metering data. The company will provide and support the integration of the central system to and the grid companies, ERP and Network Information Systems (NIS).

”Since the Powel solution allows us to manage the entire operation, from data collection and validation of meter data to exception handling and enabling of events and alarms through the same platform, we are able to streamline automated processes and services”, Mr Thiis explains.

Embracing the potential

As metering systems become increasingly intelligent, players like Validér will embrace the potential of offering new and efficient services based on the opportunities that flexible and open solutions can provide, explains Bård Benum, CEO at Powel, “There is a lot happening in this space at the moment and we are happy to see that Norway is leading the way”.

In the framework of this contract, Powel will provide Validér with Powel ELIN and Powel MOBI to manage and operate a minimum of 400.000 metering points in accordance with the Norwegian market requirements for Advanced Metering Systems (AMS). The system will utilise an Oracle Exadata database, Exalogic middleware and e-vita software and services for Business Process Management functionality. In addition, Powel will utilise ArcGIS to enable powerful geospatial communications analysis and exception handling.

The solution will add significant value by automating processes and integration with both grid companies and

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