New Technologies For The Smart Home

The EnOcean technology is available in more than 1,500 interoperable products and is in 250,000 buildings across the world.
Published: Wed 19 Nov 2014

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More than 350 companies worldwide have adopted the EnOcean technology, which is aimed at building automation solutions using energy harvesting wireless technology, states Armin Anders, founder and VP Business Development at EnOcean GmbH (the company behind the technology) and the EnOcean Alliance (the users of EnOcean technology), in an Engerati studio interview at European Utility Week 2014.

The connected home

For Anders, the smart or connected home combines lighting controls, HVAC, multimedia, energy use, etc. Such a home needs sensors and actuators in every room and for each of the functions, and it is to bring innovations to these for which the EnOcean technology is intended.

An example of such a product is a wireless and battery-less light switch. Interestingly, Anders comments, despite the focus on smartphones for smart home control, a survey found that still the vast majority of people prefer to use a switch on the wall for their lighting control.

“[We need to align] what we are selling to the customer and what the customer needs.”