New Demand Response Opportunities Coming In Switzerland

BKW Energy is to offer new power and energy balancing market opportunities for its customers throughout Switzerland.
Published: Tue 02 Sep 2014

BKW Energy, one of Switzerland’s largest energy companies has entered into a cooperation agreement with intelligent energy management solutions provider Entelios to deploy EnerNOC’s Demand Manager software and services to deliver demand response to customers through 2019.

Ancillary services market participation

The collaboration will open up access to the power and balancing energy markets to BKW’s industrial and small and medium enterprise (SME) customers that have flexible power consumption or generation. By participating in this market, companies with flexible, energy-intensive facilities can contribute to the stability of the European electricity system and generate extra revenues. BKW is offering the new service to industrial companies and SMEs as part of a comprehensive package to address the operational requirements of its customers.

With the energy system increasingly supplied by intermittent wind and photovoltaic sources from within and outside Switzerland, it is becoming ever more important for industrial, commercial and municipal undertakings to manage electrical loads and generation. Intelligent energy management is essential to ensuring a reliable, cost-effective power supply as part of the government's Energy Strategy 2050 to support renewable energy and CO2 targets.

BKW's first customer in the program will be Migros-Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG, the largest retail company and employer in Switzerland.

10,000MW demand response market

Switzerland is one of the few countries in Europe in which demand response is commercially active. [Engerati-Demand Response Grows Slowly In Europe]

BKW is creating a win-win situation on three fronts with the program – by providing cash-flow support for energy-intensive companies in terms of power bills, by creating a key building block in the utilisation of intermittent solar and wind power, and by making a major contribution to implementing the government's Energy Strategy 2050.  

“Through participation in demand response, our customers will be able to leverage their individual flexibility in energy consumption to create value for themselves and the market as a whole,” said Suzanne Thoma, CEO of the BKW Group.

“We look forward to bringing EnerNOC's innovative technology and services to BKW's current and future customers,” said Tim Healy, chairman and CEO of EnerNOC. “And we are excited to establish operations in Switzerland, a 10,000MW market in which demand response has started to be fully integrated.”

EnerNOC, headquartered in Boston, USA, acquired Munich, Germany-based Entelios in February with a view to expanding its presence into continental Europe. [Engerati-Demand Response Growth-Is Europe Ready?]

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