Using analytics to protect the return on smart meter programmesAnalytics is key to securing smart meter ROI at scale, writes Neil Barry, Senior Director - EMEA, Space-Time Insight.
Voltage regulation for distributed generationColton Ching, VP of energy delivery, Hawaiian Electric, discusses the challenges of integrating large amounts of renewable energy.
Data management in Europe’s transforming electricity systemEurope’s new decentralized and prosumer based energy system requires new rules on data management and exchanges.
Australia sees value in VPPsA 5MW virtual power plant, Australia’s largest demonstration to date, could solve the country’s grid woes.
Reactive compensation for onshore wind farmsGrid code revisions in UK lack clear guidance on solutions for reactive compensation for onshore wind farms.
Week in smart metering - Changing utility business landscapeEngie has launched a transmission grid frequency service, writes Claire Volkwyn, editor, Metering & Smart Energy International.
Large scale renewable energy integration – the policy perspectiveSystem and market integration is becoming a critical priority for renewable energy policy.
UK takes energy storage to the next levelThe UK’s grid operator National Grid has just invested in the world’s single largest procurements of energy storage.
Holistic asset management: Beyond the hype and hurdlesAsset management is one of the next big things for smart grid, writes Lauren Callaway, research analyst at Navigant Research.
‘Sea eggs’ –A promising Compressed Air Energy Storage solution?New underwater storage device could be more financially viable than conventional pumped storage.
South Carolina Electric & Gas promotes community solarSouth Carolina Electric & Gas customers are being given the opportunity to tap into solar.
Digital opportunity in rural electrification growsOnce rural electrification is fixed, utilities, consumers and private investors can expect to reap great opportunities from digital solutions.
Industrial Internet of Things brings opportunity, but ripples in the road aheadData integration and analytics are the biggest challenges facing the Industrial Internet of Things.
Energy efficiency is at the top of Tata Power Delhi Distribution’s list of prioritiesTata Power Delhi Distribution is leading the way when it comes to implementing energy efficiency and power reliability programmes.
Internet of Things: LPWAN requirementsChoosing the right network for the Internet of Things is a foundational decision, writes Eric Dresselhuys, Silver Spring Networks.
Bring your own thermostat demand response programmes –a $3 billion marketUtilities must ensure interoperability with multiple thermostat brands and learn to work with vendors more as partners than contractors.
Resilience in a changing energy systemExtreme weather, the energy-water-food nexus and cyber attacks are energy leaders’ most critical emerging risks.
Sweden innovates in the solar PV-geothermal system spaceSweden’s novel hybrid solar PV and geothermal system will open doors to even more innovation in the hybrid renewable energy space.
Could smart meters eventually power themselves?Dr Maximilian-Eckart Wernicke explores the potential of energy harvesting to cut the O&M costs of smart meters and its use in IoT applications.
Hybrid energy -a new centre to support its developmentCSIRO's new Centre for Hybrid Energy Systems will facilitate research into new and improved renewable and hybrid energy technologies.

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