Moving beyond the smart grid to the active grid

Moving beyond the smart grid to the intelligent grid will change the smart meter business case.
Published: Tue 10 Nov 2015

At European Utility Week we were able to bring to life a story we have been covering for some time by capturing the live demonstration you can view below.

The story started with a webinar about convergence at the edge which was a hint into the long vision behind Itron’s product roadmap. One that moves smart meters to the centre of the intelligent distribution grid.

Shining a light into the darkness

The low voltage distribution grid has long been a black hole in terms of visibility for the distribution operator. With modern grid challenges ranging from the simple like theft to the more complex like behind the meter generation this is a critical issue which needs a solution.

Capturing the live demonstration above showcased an industry first. A real-time demonstration of how distributed intelligence illuminates the grid like never before.

The demonstration shows just a few use cases for real time intelligence a more detailed briefing can be seen in our webinar how distributed intelligence and adaptive communications are transforming the business case for smart metering.

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