- A Week in Smart Metering discusses exciting developments in smart metering across the globe.
Published: Thu 11 Dec 2014

At, we pride ourselves on being a global news service and delivering exciting developments in the smart metering and smart grids markets from every region of the world.

And this week, our stories demonstrate just how globally these technologies are being applied from Africa to Asia.

A state utility in Bangladesh has hired a New Zealand SCADA expert (add hyperlink - to lead a consortium including EDMI to deploy a smart metering system in Chittagong. This is the second win for Abbey Systems with the Bangladesh Power Development Board.

In another story, Zimbabwe state distributor ZETDC pins its colours (add hyperlink - to smart metering by issuing tender papers, which no doubt will be picked up by a host of international players.

But it’s also clear from news this past week that while the industry applauds deals, we also need to report on success stories of large-scale smart meter installations in the field.

Commonwealth Edison has not helped by holding back on releasing effectiveness data (add hyperlink -, despite needing approval for more time and money to extend its smart meter rollout.

As soon as we can shout about savings for customers and energy companies on a large scale, then you can be sure the whole world will be listening.


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Smart meters GB: customer confusion is hindering engagement, says poll

UK consumers want the benefits associated with smart meters but are confused about the advanced technology, a new poll by market research company YouGov and software developer SQS has shown. The recent online study showed that energy customers strongly support statements about what smart meters can deliver but are pessimistic about the value of the physical meter to their household.

Meter communication: Sensus to demo long range radio in urban Japan

North Carolina meter manufacturer Sensus has announced it is using a trial in urban Japan to demonstrate the effectiveness of long range radio technology for smart metering applications. Sensus said in a statement that the aim of the test is to show connectivity and performance of long range radio working at 280MHz in dense urban areas of the capital Tokyo for advanced metering infrastructure systems.

Smart meter fires: Medicine Hat delays release of probe into failures

In Canada, city officials of the small town of Medicine Hat have confirmed that the results of an investigation into smart meter failures has been delayed. The City Utilities department said it needed more time to interpret the findings of the probe by Underwriters Laboratories into why more than 40 Sensus smart electricity meters failed.

Smart gas meters: 40% of EU households connected by 2020

By 2020, under half of all gas customers in Europe will have a smart meter, according to new research findings from Berg Insight. The data predicts that 40% of households using gas will be metered using advanced technology with the number of installed units reaching 49 million in eight years time.

City of Cape Town deploys smart meters and lighting to boost efficiency

In South Africa, a wave of electricity blackouts over the past two weeks has prompted Cape Town officials to call for the swift completion of municipal energy-saving measures. City council authorities said this week that Cape Town expects to save around ZAR120 million (US$10.6 million) through its internal energy-efficiency program. This will help reduce demand and in turn ease some of the burden on state utility Eskom’s supply constraints.

In depth: PLC communication – the transmission chain’s weakest link?

There is no doubt that power lines are part of critical infrastructure. Power engineering is now in its most dramatic development phase. Unfortunately, progress in technologies and political decisions tend to complicate development. is the sister news portal to Engerati with a focus on smart metering.