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The story that claimed top billing this week on smart metering news portal has to be the delay of the UK’s smart meter rollout.
Published: Wed 26 Nov 2014

The admission by the Data Communications Company (DCC) that the central repository won’t be ready in 2015 to accept readings from the one million plus smart meters already installed comes as a costly blow to the UK campaign.

[Smart meters GB: central data company won’t be ready for 2015 rollout]

The anticipated delay until October 2016 will likely add an extra GBP90 million to the rollout, according to the DCC.

But there is also the potential loss of consumer engagement, which is hard to quantify as a monetary value.

There are conflicting reports as to how welcome smart metering technology is for consumers but regardless, the UK has done an impressive job of building momentum towards this big change in their relationship with energy companies.

How well the UK can keep the PR machine rolling remains to be seen.


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British Gas, one of the UK’s big six energy suppliers, is declaring its latest customer engagement drive – the National Smart Meter Challenge – a success despite the countrywide rollout facing set backs.

Deal watch: Kamstrup sells 28k heat meters to Danish municipal project

Metering solutions company Kamstrup is supplying 28,000 heat meters to a Danish municipal heating project with the aim of improving leak detection and operations.

Kamstrup won the tender with Aarhus Municipality in what is claimed to be the largest remotely read meter park in the world.

Smart meters Asia: TNB hints at large-scale rollout following pilot

Malaysian state utility Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) will consider a national rollout in 2016 if a smart meter pilot is successful. A source at the energy company said that if everything went well, TNB would be ready for a national rollout next year, reports local media source The Star Online.

TOU tariffs: Northern Ireland smart meter trial proves effectiveness

Consumers in Northern Ireland would choose time-of-use tariffs given the choice, according to the results of a smart meter trial released by the Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF).

Smart meter Europe: Estonia utility deploys half of 630k target

Estonian electricity distribution network operator Elektrilevi has confirmed this week that it  has deployed 300,000 smart meters in a bid to meet Europe’s 2020 energy efficiency targets. Swedish communications technology company Ericsson has the contract to oversee the replacement of all Elektrilevi’s 625,000 electricity meters with two-way units by 2016.

CG adds G3-PLC centre to portfolio with smart meter factory opening

Electrical products giant CG announced today that is opening a new smart meter factory in France together with a centre of excellence for G3-PLC technology in a bid to better participate in European deployments. The new facility in Grenoble will manufacture, test and calibrate more than 2 million ZIV smart meters a year. is the sister portal to Engerati with a focus on smart metering and smart grids.