- A Week in Smart Metering predicts a fierce battle around the use of the GSM network for M2M devices.
Published: Thu 13 Nov 2014

We ran a story this week that is sure to ruffle a few feathers among the metering communication sector.

Supporters of RF technology should cover their ears now.

The MIT Technology Review reported that Danish academics have voiced an opinion that the GSM network should be kept switched on and used exclusively for M2M devices such as smart meters.

The argument is that the infrastructure is already in place and that with“suitable reengineering, GSM networks can support a surprisingly massive amount of M2M devices at even a single frequency channel”.

The folks at MIT also think this is a good idea but pointed out that the more difficult hurdle will be persuading everyone to use GSM in this way. Describing RF real estate as a “valuable commodity”, they predict a fierce battle ahead raising the question is it self-interest over standards that is the real barrier to interoperability?

As a neutral bystander, we will be interested to see how the lines are redrawn in the meter communication sector as countries begin to wonder what to do with their outmoded GSM network.


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