- A Week in Smart Metering

The Latin America market for smart grid, smart metering and smart grid technology is gaining momentum.
Published: Thu 01 Oct 2015
Our reporting this week suggests there is momentum building in a relatively untapped market of the world for smart grid, smart metering and smart grid technology - Latin America, writes Rose Bundock, online editor of Metering & Smart Energy International.
Omnetric Group, the birthchild of a Siemens-Accenture joint venture, has announced it is entering the Brazilian market. Both founding companies have their respective presences in the market but clearly feel the time is right for Omnetric to tap into Brazilian utilities’ need for grid modernisation.
Meanwhile, Mexico has begun issuing tenders to begin a massive wave of smart meter deployment between 2015 and 2025, according to new research released this week.
The country will roll out an estimated 30.2 million units during this period (vendors, you are allowed to salivate at this news). 
So as Mexico and Brazil, the region’s largest smart grid players, open up for business, we can be sure that the Latin American journey will be as unique as every other region undergoing grid reform. And we look forward to the ride. 

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In European smart metering news, Spanish utility Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF) has awarded Compton Greaves a €17 million order for single and three phase smart meters. Gas Natural Fenosa, a large-scale integrated gas and electricity company, has named Compton Greaves (CG), part of the Indian-based Avantha Group Company, its main supplier of residential meters.
In Scandinavia, an alliance of Norwegian power utilities has selected Kamstrup to deliver 100,000 smart electricity meters as the country gears up to meet European Union targets for advanced metering penetration.
In South Africa, a Bitcoin solutions company is touting an ‘African metering solution for an African utility problem’. South Africa-based Bankymoon has launched prepaid blockchain smart meter technology as a solution to electrical utilities struggling to collect revenue and African consumers lacking formal banking facilities.
Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM) is undergoing substantial reforms following recommendations by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC). The Power of Choice review recommended that consumers be given options in the way they use electricity with a view to meeting consumer needs over the next 15 to 20 years.
In smart meter deal news, in Europe, Norwegian utilities’ alliance Netalliansen has announced it has contracted suppliers to create a central reading system for collecting meter data. In July this year Netalliansen entered into a deal with IT solutions developer Embriq for the delivery of a new automated electricity metering system based on Aidon technology.