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The Internet of Things has much to offer but cybersecurity is a concern, writes Rose Bundock, content editor of
Published: Fri 04 Sep 2015
The Internet of Things offers so much scope for the energy sector but the issue of cybersecurity seems omnipresent. 
This week we reported how the US's National Science Foundation has formed a consortium of industry stakeholders to improve the security and privacy of interactions between the digital world and physical world.
Smart homes will be the most prevalent place where these two worlds will collide - hopefully without ill effect to the householder.

The National Science Foundation calls these hybrid networks cyber-physical systems.

Fortunately, there are teams at work looking for solutions to protect these systems and our personal data contained within them.

Back in the physical world, utilities are turning to the integration of IT/OT systems to put them further in control of the grid and how they manage the flow of power between renewable energy with consumer demand.
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In US smart meter news, a Southern California groundwater management agency has contracted semiconductor company Semtech to create a platform for data collection. The Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency has approved plans for a smart meters platform for groundwater data collection at the Fox Canyon aquifer in Ventura County, which supplies water to much of the local area.
In Japan smart grid news, Kobe City Waterworks Bureau has announced it is working with technology partners including Sensus to develop a smart water network. The utility is running field trials at nine locations including schools and an airport. The aim is to test communication technology between water meters on the network and the municipal water company.
In the US, Palm Beach County has issued a tender for an advanced metering infrastructure for the Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department (PBCWUD).The county stated the aim of the AMI water system procurement was to improve the efficiency of collecting monthly water utility meter data, billing, and customer communication.

In the US, water filtration company LifeSource Water Systems has expanded its offering into water management solutions to meet the growing market demand in California for water-efficient solutions. The company reports it is expanding its commercial division in partnership with plumbing contractor California Comfort Systems to supply whole-building water filtration and ScaleSolver conditioning systems, that include integrated water meter technologies, to help customers manage water usage and flow rates within their buildings.

In the UK, a national newspaper reports how thousands of householders are installing solar meters to divert excess renewable energy for personal use. The news comes as the UK government has dramatically cut feed in tariffs, reducing the rebate prosumers will receive from energy companies.

Abbotsford in British Colombia are installing analytics software and technology for smart water infrastructure. The Canadian city has partnered with Innovyze to provide "accurate, customer-specific water usage patterns directly from AMIs for real-time modelling and management of Abbotsford water distribution system."