- A Week in Smart Metering

Water meter market is set to grow in response to increasing pressure to reduce water consumption, writes's Content Editor, Rose Bundock.
Published: Wed 19 Aug 2015

This month while much of the Western world is taking advantage of warmer weather to take summer holidays, the state of California in the US is suffering the ill effects of a fourth year of drought conditions.

Water is now very much on the political agenda and minds of cities and water districts as they face the threat of US$10,000 fines if they don’t meet targets for reducing water use.

Restricting access to water supply is a thorny issue and one that prompts consumers to react in sometimes quite extreme ways (such as the violent resistance in Ireland to the installation of water meters). 

But as with most change, it is threatening until it becomes routine and fortunately technology is there to assist with improving leak detection right the way along the distribution chain.

New research suggests that it isn’t only consumers who are resistant to new ways of doing things, even if it means doing them better.

A report from analyst Markets and Markets found that water utilities are apprehensive in shifting towards cloud-based deployment, which has the potential for minimizing expenses. This apprehension is acting as a restraint to the implementation of smart water management systems as the cost of on-site infrastructure is huge.

Despite this challenge, the data suggests that the market for smart water networks will grow by 20% in the next five years, and you only have to look at California to see why. 

It’s time for a culture change where saving water becomes as instinctive as eating ice cream on the beach. Enjoy your holidays.

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