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Smart Energy GB's study could help global energy suppliers to overcome consumer engagement hurdles, says Rose Bundock, content editor of
Published: Wed 15 Jul 2015

Smart Energy GB, the consumer body charged with bringing the UK public on board with smart electricity and gas meters, released an updated review this week of obstacles to the countrywide rollout. 

The aim of the consultation document was to highlight "audience characteristics that may act as barriers to realising the benefits of a smart meter".

The document breaks down the process of a consumer receiving a smart meter into five stages.

Interestingly, it highlights that once the consumer has heard the initial message about smart meters, either through mass media or from the utility itself, then made the decision to say yes to a smart meter, there are further hurdles to overcome.

The report highlights that some consumers may find "preparing for installation day a challenge, either practically or emotionally".

On the emotional side, the customer may feel uncomfortable having an installer in their home or by the fact that they don't understand the technology.

Although touchy-feely, this kind of change-management language is encouraging and a move in the right direction.

Global energy suppliers would do well to study this document to understand how to emphasise with their customers as they introduce new disruptive technologies.

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